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Gameday Open Thread: June 6 vs. Florida

The Mets (29-27) look for a series sweep over the visiting Marlins (28-29) at Citi Field. Hisanori Takahashi (4-2, 3.21) looks to right himself after an awful outing in San Diego. He will be opposed by Ricky Nolasco (5-4, 4.57).

The Mets lineup, courtesy of the team’s media relations department:

7 Jose Reyes – SS
16 Angel Pagan – CF
44 Jason Bay – LF
29 Ike Davis – 1B
5 David Wright – 3B
21 Rod Barajas – C
12 Jeff Francoeur – RF
13 Alex Cora – 2B
47 Hisanori Takahashi – LHP

By the way, I won’t have time to post Mets links today… If you see any interesting links out there, post them in the comments section and I will take a look for tomorrow morning’s link post.

Gametime is at 1:10pm….



Saturday Links (Lunchtime Edition)

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper breaks down the Mets recent roster moves, last night’s game and Mike Pelfrey.

213 Miles From Shea – Elliot Teichman has a rundown of June promotions being offered by Mets’ minor league affiliates.

Loge 13 – Kingman has a 1964 issue Popular Science magazine about Shea Stadium – the “convertible” stadium of the future. (via Hot Foot)

MetsMerized – Sean Kenny wants the Mets to draft catcher Yasmani Grandel.

And finally, Read the Apple has compiled a “tribute” video to celebrate the brief time Mets fans had with recently DFA’d Gary Matthews, Jr.


Friday Afternoon Links (Chris Sale Edition)

Wall Street Journal – Tim Marchman announces the inductees to the Mets Hall of Fame of Bad Pitching Contracts.  With the exception of Pete Harnisch, they were all signed after 2002.

Gear Up For Sports – Brian McWilliams predicts the Mets will draft Florida Gulf Coast southpaw Chris Sale. Sale was named the Cape Cod League’s top prospect by Baseball America in 2009.

Amazin’ Avenue – Alex Nelson thinks the aforementioned Chris Sale is an interesting option, but mechanical issues could result in shoulder problems down the road. Nelson thinks Sale could wind up as a reliever.

Bleacher Report – Are the Phillies finished? Not so fast, says Jamie Ambler.

Baltimore Sun – The Orioles fired manager Dave Trembley yesterday. Former Mets disaster Juan Samuel will take over in the interim. I had forgotten that Samuel managed the AA Binghampton Mets in 2006. Good luck, Juan! We’re proud of you!

NY Daily News – Bob Raissman thinks team ownership of TV networks will hamper efforts to bring more instant replay into baseball.

And here’s some video of Chris Sale, via Baseball America and Amazin’ Avenue:


Friday Morning Links (Dan Murphy Out For the Season Edition)

MetsToday – Joe Janish (that’s not me!) shares his thoughts on the Mets’ mishandling of the Dan Murphy situation.

Amazin’ Avenue – Eno Sarris looks at Nelson Figueroa’s comments on the Mets’ minor league “reward system” and how it affects guys like Jesus Feliciano.

ESPN New York – The aforementioned Feliciano had two hits in a 7-1 loss to Syracuse. He leads the league with a .388 average.

213 Miles From Shea – Elliot Teichman points out that Aaron Heilman is the best thing going in the Arizona Diamondbacks’ bullpen. Yeah, seriously. The things you learn from watching the MLB Extra Innings package…

Brooklyn Met Fan – Adam has a few baseball musings from  yesterday’s off-day.

The Daily Stache – Frank Gray has a list of five things the Mets must do to contend this summer. Although, it looks like the Mets will contend no matter what they do (or don’t do).

TheRoPolitans – Andrew Vazzano to the rescue with one of Jerry Manuel’s all-time greatest quotes.

And here’s a video of Dan Murphy giving a hitting lesson to SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt:


Thursday Mets Links

Image via Read The Apple

Here’s how this is gonna go down… We’ve got one HILARIOUS link, followed by two “links that make you think”, followed by the normal morning-after-a-painful-loss links. And after that, we have a video example of character.


Let’s do this…

Read The Apple – Kevin Burkhardt stars as Lance Stronjaw in the new SNY series, CSI: Citi Field. Read this blog while you can – we are going to lose this guy to The Onion some day and there will be nobody around to do this sort of thing.

The DNA Exchange – A genetic counselor ruminates on how R.A. Dickey’s life would have turned out if a doctor noticed his missing ulnar collateral ligament when he was a kid. Soccer? Gross… (via Baseball Digest)

TedQuarters – If the above link doesn’t blow your mind, check out Ted Berg’s essay on Matt Cerrone, Mike Francessa and media bias… And there’s a picture of a cube. It’s really all about the cube, man.

Amazin’ Avenue – Alex Nelson has the Daily Farm System Report. Still no word on the extent of Danny Murphy’s injury.

NY Daily News – Andy Martino reports that the Mets would like Ollie Perez to accept a demotion to clear roster room for the return of Jon Niese. I don’t know why the answer would be any different this time.

TheRoPolitans – Andrew Vazzano has a recap of last night’s game. To get the full effect, you should read it while gently banging your head against your desk.

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper talks about Johan Santana’s lack of run support.

The Daily Stache – Bryan Rothenstein tries to imagine how awful the Mets would be without Angel Pagan and Mike Pelfrey. And imagine if Mike Francessa hadn’t shamed the organization into promoting Ike Davis… Too bad Jesus Feliciano’s dad didn’t play for the Yankees. Get it? I’ll be here all week…

213 Miles From Shea – A frightenly detailed overview of ballpark promotions in the month of June. For. Every. MLB. Team. Wow… Nice work!

MSNBC – If you missed Armando Galarraga’s near-perfect game, check out MSNBC’s coverage of it. The real story isn’t the blown call that cost Galarraga the perfect game, it was his grace in laughing it off and accepting the apology of first base umpire James Joyce.

And here’s the video of Galarraga’s postgame comments (at least until MLB forces YouTube to take it down):


Wednesday Links, Hump Day Edition

Bergen Record – Bob Klapisch says the Mets are “too cheap and too gutless” to stand up to Oliver Perez, who he calls a “weasel.”

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper answers the age-old question, “Can the Mets please eat the contract of [insert name of overpaid outfield veteran here].” Today’s topic: George Foster Vince Coleman Bobby Bonilla Jeromy Burnitz Gary Matthews Jr.

The Sporting News – Carlos Beltran may be close to returning. No surprise there – he’s been getting closer to returning for about a year now, depending on who you believe. The interesting thing is the Mets are floating the idea of bringing him back as a right fielder. Glad I have Angel Pagan on my fantasy team.

ESPN – Adam Rubin warns that everything in the link above and any talk about Beltran returning soon may be a tad premature. Translation: Nobody knows when Beltran will begin his rehab. Glad I have Angel Pagan on my fantasy team.

213 Miles From Shea – A list of Mets promotional giveaways in the month of June. With pictures!

The Daily Stache – Scott Ilowite thinks Dan Uggla might be a good fit for second base. Interesting take.

MetsToday – Joe Janish responds to Bob Klapisch’s response to the Mets’ response to Darryl Strawberry’s recent clubhouse pep talk. Got that?

And in honor of Daryl Strawberry’s recent appearance in the Mets clubhouse, enjoy some “Chocolate Strawberry”:


Tuesday Afternoon Mets News Links…

Not much big news. Ollie is dominating much of the Mets talk today… Luis Castillo is still injury prone… Here we go:

MetsBlog – Matt Cerrone points out that Jon Heyman thinks Oliver Perez will be with the Mets for the foreseeable future.

New York Mets Report – John Delcos points out that no matter how bad it looks, Perez is simply exercising his contractual rights. You can blame Omar for that.

NY Post – Mike Puma reports that Luis Castillo’s right foot has caught a case of the ouchies from his left foot. This is not good. Now Castillo is going to have to learn to be a scrappy second baseman while playing on his hands… or a DL stint could be in the offing.

NY Daily News – Sources close to the Mets insist the Mets were never close to replacing Jerry Manuel with Bob Melvin. Does anyone actually believe that?

Sportsnet.ca – Sportsnet is reporting that the Pirates have traded for recently DFA’d 26-year old southpaw Dana Eveland. Eveland has been awful recently for the Blue Jays, but you have to wonder if the Mets considered trading for him. For the record, the Pirates gave up a minor league reliever for Eveland.

ESPN-NY – Mark Simon shares all kinds of stats and significant developMETS. For example, why Johan Santana and David Wright are going in different directions, and how Angel Pagan and Rod Barajas are two of the most surprising players over the last month.


Link the Mets, Link the Mets… Tuesday Morning Edition

So… last night’s game didn’t turn into the pitcher’s duel that I kind of hinted at in yesterday’s Open Thread. Well, get ready for my next prediction… I predict it’s time for Mets links:

Brooklyn Met Fan – Adam Salazaar is trying to put a positive spin on last night’s record-setting 18-6 loss to the Padres at Petco Park. TO THE PADRES! AT PETCO!

ESPN New York – Adam Rubin has an in-depth look at Olliegate, Alex Cora, and the upcoming draft.

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper hands out his own personal Player of the Month award for the month of May. And the winner is…

The Daily Stache – Matt Esposito looks at the options the Mets will have on draft day.

Amazin’ Avenue – Regardless of what you think of Jerry Manuel, you will get a good laugh out of “Jerryball: The Art of Giving Away a Game.”

And if you caught the Senior Professional Baseball Association over the weekend (click here), then you might wanna check out this CNN report from the league’s Opening Day:

Note to kids: That ATM-looking machine behind the reporter in the last shot is what humanity loosely referred to as “personal computers” in 1989. No joke.