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It’s All About Me

Enough with the Manny talk, the Citi Field sponsorship controversy, the Madoff Ponzi Scheme, and every other extraneous detail littering the Mets’ offseason.

Let’s talk about me.

For one, I encourage you to check out Kerel Cooper’s OnTheBlack website, which is one of the few (if only) Mets videoblogs out there. Kerel is way ahead of the curve with his motion picture blog, but that’s not the only reason to visit. Remember, today it’s all about me, and you can see me, me, me, as I participate in his Mets blogger roundtable, which was shot over this past weekend at Bobby V’s in Stamford, CT. OK, it isn’t all me … Andrew Vazzano of The Ropolitans, Dave Doyle of MetsReport.com, and Kerel himself discussed several issues facing the Mets this winter. Be sure to watch the entire video, or you’ll miss Dave’s argument why Barry Bonds is a better target for the Mets than Manny Ramirez.

Secondly, you should know that I’m part of the team that is putting Baseball Digest magazine online — BaseballDigest.com is launching on March 1. This project is taking up much of my “free” time, which is part of the reason I haven’t been posting here as often as usual. While we ramp up the “real” website, there is a simple placeholder blog in place to keep you up to date on the developments, and also to inform you of the internet radio show schedule. Ah, there is me again … I co-hosted the first-ever “Baseball Digest Live” show with Mark Healey on Monday, and you can listen to the archived podcast by clicking here or download it for listening later. The show is broadcast every day from 11am to 1pm, live from Foley’s Pub and Restaurant on 33rd Street in New York City. If you have never been to Foley’s, you MUST get there. In addition to it being an extremely warm, friendly, comfortable place to enjoy a pint, it also happens to be a baseball mecca, with so much memorabilia hanging on the walls and from the ceiling it makes your head spin. Oh, and it happens to be a popular watering hole among current and former MLB players, managers, coaches, scouts, and umpires. You never know who might drop in at Foley’s … and actually, that’s part of the mystique of Baseball Digest Live. Listen to the first show to find out what former Yankee All-Star happened to drop in and give us a quick interview. Hint: he was once part of a major trade, yet didn’t change uniforms.

Finally, if you didn’t see it yet, I did a two-part Q&A with Mike Steffanos over at MikesMets.com. Part one is here, part two is here. You must read both parts to find out what former Yankee 20-game winner and bestselling author I caught in a semipro league about a hundred years ago, and that pitcher’s most gritty performance. MikesMets is one of a handful of Mets blogs I read regularly, and I recommend the site highly. Mike does a fantastic job of writing on subjects that generally escape the mainstream, particularly with Mets history.

Wow, can you get any more of me, myself, and I? Written articles, radio, video … how else can I get your attention? Perhaps I’ll talk to Mr. Sandman, and invade your dreams as well.

Enough about me … I can’t handle an ego trip for more than a few paragraphs. If you’ve been reading MetsToday long enough, you know it’s not really all about me. It’s all about you, and the Mets, of course. I promise, no more self-aggrandizing for at least a few weeks.


Mets Sign K-Rod!

francisco k-rod rodriguez pitching for the angelsEven the Associated Press is reporting it, so it must be true — the Mets have signed Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez to a three-year, $37M+ contract.

Supposedly, the contract is two years guaranteed, with the third year vested based on appearances. Or something. Who cares? The Mets have their 2009 closer, and can now move on to more pressing matters. Such as, who the heck is going to pitch the first eight innings?

K-Rod may be in NYC tomorrow for a physical, with the official announcement to be made soon thereafter.

Nice, fair deal for both sides.

See more news and opinion over at ‘Ropolitans, to whom I owe a hat tip. Also hat tip to Mark Healey of BaseballDigest and GothamBaseball, who was twittering this from Vegas about 20 minutes before it was announced.


Francoeur for Greinke?

Tony Massarotti of the Boston Globe is reporting that the Braves are discussing a deal with the Royals that would send outfielder Jeff Francoeur to Kansas City for righthander Zack Greinke.

From the article:

According to one National League executive, the Kansas City Royals and Atlanta Braves have had serious discussions about a trade that would send outfielder Jeff Francouer to the Royals for pitcher Zack Greinke. The same source said he believed the teams were close to executing the deal, but that Atlanta was holding up any and all trade discussions until the Braves had a resolution of their pursuit of right-hander A.J. Burnett. Current Royals GM Dayton Moore (who interviewed for the Red Sox’ job during Theo Epstein’s walkabout in 2005-06) is a former member of the Braves organization who is eager to bring Francouer to Kansas City.

Hmm … while I would love for the pesky Francoeur to leave Atlanta, I simply don’t see it happening. Despite his mid-season slump and temporary demotion to the minors, the organization seems to love Francoeur and the home-grown, “local boy done good” story attached to him. But then, the Braves have been operating differently since John Schuerholz retired.

If A.J. Burnett spurns Atlanta’s contract offer, the Braves will be in a fairly desperate situation, so a trade of Francoeur to fill a rotation spot is not completely unrealistic. Further, Greinke reminds me a lot of a young, righthanded Tom Glavine — a poised, confident pitcher with sick command of a 90-MPH fastball and offspeed stuff.

On the other hand, how many more young pitchers can the Royals afford to trade?

******* UPDATE ************

Joe Hamrahi says (through Twitter) that the Francoeur – Greinke rumors are “false false false”.

Hamrahi is tweeting live from Vegas. You can read more on Baseball Digest Daily.

****** UPDATE 2 ************

Mark Healey, also tweeting live from Vegas, says this rumor is “half-true”, and that the Royals are targeting Yunel Escobar, not Francoeur. This makes a lot more sense from Atlanta’s POV, as they seem ardent to dealing the Cuban shortstop. Does that mean the Braves sign someone like Orlando Cabrera? Or bring back Rafael Furcal? This one is worth watching.