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Manuel Mystery Tour

Matthew Artus of Always Amazin called the Mets’ multiple press appearances a “curious epilogue to 2009” and included a graphic resembling the cover from the old Beatles’ album “Magical Mystery Tour”. Fitting, and well done, Mr. Artus. (Kids, an “album” was what music was once played on, and “The Beatles” were a popular rock band from the 1960s.)

Artus summed up the mystery with,


Link Roundup

MetsPolice has a big list of Citi Field seats with obstructed views. But hey, we’re all just a bunch of whiners who don’t appreciate what the Wilpons gave us, right?

Speaking of the stadium, Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Gazette discusses the influence of PNC Park on Citi Field. And the similarities only being with bank sponsorship.

Hat tip to Matthew Artus of Always Amazin’ for the previous link. Matthew also examines the catching situation once Brian Schneider comes off the DL.

Disgruntled Mets Fan has a blog name that engages my heart. DMF spotlights reliever Sean Greenenweis, and he also posted the below video: