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Here are the Moneyball Players

"I have Marlon Byrd's agent on the line..."

“I have Marlon Byrd’s agent on the line…”

On May 23rd, ESPN’s Mets beat reporter Adam Rubin asked where all the “Moneyball” players are. Where are the players you could sign at bargain-basement prices who could become the Mets’ version of Scott Hatteberg (as seen in the book and movie “Moneyball”)?

It was a fair question, given that the Mets were still fumbling with players like Collin Cowgill, Shaun Marcum, and Scott Atchison (as he mentioned) at the time.

But since then, several “hidden-value” players worthy of Billy Beane’s teams of the aughts have emerged.


How The A’s Won Before Billy Beane

If didn’t see Saturday Night Live this past weekend, no worries, as you didn’t miss anything, it was dreadful — one of the worst SNL episodes ever.

But, there was one funny segment, which was a parody of the TV commercials currently running for the movie Moneyball:

Some might argue that this commercial parody is more historically correct than the movie starring Brad Pitt.

BTW I’m stunned that Jose Canseco wasn’t available for a cameo.