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Blog Roundup: Mets Prospectus

The time of year you’ve been waiting for has arrived. No, not the beginning of Spring Training, the time of year where everyone and Mr. Met’s brother comes out with their list of top prospects. For the Mets, most pundits and bloggers put the latter-day Generation K at the top of their lists (Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, and Jeurys Familia), and include 2011 first-round draft pick Brandon Nimmo in their top 5.  The latter could be as good as the scouts, and the Mets brain trust, think he will be, or he could turn into another Fernando Martinez.  It seems too early to tell for a kid like Brandon, who’s barely old enough to shave, and has only a few games of professional experience.  But maybe the experts know something we don’t.

Today’s prospect – Blogs:

  • Seedlings to Stars has a rather optimistic evaluation of the Mets farm system (I wish I had grades like that when I was in school).
  • Bleacher Report lines up the usual suspects (Warning – slideshow).
  • Amazin’ Avenue rounds out their top 50 with a rather surprising choice at number 4.
  • Minor League Ball rates the Mets’ top 20 prospects.
  • Metsblog has their “hype” list (bonus points for using parentheticals).
  • Sandy Alderson jokes about the Mets financial prospects (See what I did there?).

Thanks for reading, and remember, Mets Today is a can’t-miss talent.


A Look into the Future: Top Shortstop Prospects

The ground is full of dirty,

dirt that is full of memories.

Do you know how many played on this dirt before?

Ordonez, Olerud, Bordick, etc…

Maybe one day I can play on the dirt.

I’ve heard it’s softer than a mattress.

Short poems can explain a lot. If this poorly constructed poem did not inform you of what the article will be about, it is about the New York Mets infield prospects.

Before I try to convince you that these few will wear the blue and orange in the coming years, let me advise you, I am no expert. I do not hold a degree in predicting where and how a prospects career will play out. Maybe player X becomes the next big shot (cough … Nelson Cruz). Maybe player Y becomes a huge bust (cough … Fernando Martinez). But as fans, we love reading about the future. We hope that these teenagers and young adults can bring us something to be proud about.

For now, let’s focus on the left side of the infield. If you think back 3 years ago, you’d be sold that David Wright and Jose Reyes would be the face of the franchise for 10 years to come. Now to the present, David Wright is constantly being rumored around the trading market and as of right now, Jose Reyes is a free agent.

Ruben Tejada is nice shortstop who could blossom into an okay hitter, but he’s not Jose Reyes. Quite frankly, I do not think there will be another Jose Reyes in baseball, in the sense of what he brings to the plate each time he steps up. As it looks right now, the Mets answer might not be in their farm system to replace Jose Reyes. Sure Ruben Tejada could fit, but fans will just complain about his production. Hopefully I am wrong, but here’s my best shot at providing some insight on the shortstops of the future.


Review: First Ten Rounds of Mets Draft

Note: This is a post by Kyle Schnitzer, a new contributor here at MetsToday. Please direct any comments to him. And please don’t scare him away (yet). – Joe

After making noise with their first two selections of the 2011 MLB Draft, the New York Mets have approached the second day of the draft with their conservative approach.

Brandon Nimmo, the Mets first round selection, will cost money, as will Michael Fulmer, their supplementary round selection.

With their 2nd round selection, the New York Mets selected