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Listen To a Pro Baseball Scout

tyrone-brooksWhat exactly does a pro baseball scout look for when evaluating a ballplayer? What kinds of things does a scout consider, in addition to raw baseball skills? How can an amateur ballplayer attract the interest of a pro scout?

Find out by listenting to an interview I did with Tyrone Brooks, a professional baseball scout for the Cleveland Indians and formerly the Director of Baseball Operations and Baseball Administration with the Atlanta Braves (he was part of those 14 straight division championships).

One of the interesting topics he discusses is how and why Ryan Howard slipped to the fifth round of the 2001 draft.

I know, it’s not a Mets-specific topic, but it should be intriguing to hear from someone who came from the Braves organization and evaluates players for a living. It’s particularly enlightening for amateur ballplayers and their parents.

Follow this link to hear it:

What Do Pro Baseball Scout Look For When Evaluating Players