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Mets Final Four

And then there were four …

The Mets have reportedly settled on four final candidates for the position of 2011 field manager, as Chip Hale, Wally Backman, Bob Melvin, and Terry Collins have alll been informed that they will receive a second interview.

Which one do you prefer, and why?

Let’s go through the candidates one by one …


Wally Knows Passion

Jon Zeringue, a former second-round pick of the Arizona Diamondbacks, explains Wally Backman’s passion for baseball and his players, comparing it to how a parent might protect his children.


Wally Knows the Double Switch

Wally Backman knows National League (i.e., true baseball) rules. And unlike some recent Mets managers, he already is well-versed on the head-scratching “double switch” — to the point where he schools the umpire on how it works.


Wally Backman: Tea Party Candidate?

Being that it’s Election Day and all, I wonder if the next Mets manager could be based on the results of a vote by the people?

Of course this is a fantasy, but hypothetically speaking, who would be the candidates in such an election, and what parties would they represent?

Bob Melvin: Republican, conservative
He’ll stay the course, and dutifully follow the orders set forth by the right-wing lobbyists / upper middle class.

Ken Macha: Democrat, liberal
He’ll also stay the course, but appeal to the left-wing lobbyists / lower middle class.

Bobby Valentine: write-in candidate

He doesn’t consider himself a candidate, but openly lobbies for the job (this is different from Adam Rubin lobby for job) without a party endorsement.

Joe Lieberman: Lieberman Party
Who else is qualified to run as the Lieberman Party candidate? There are a bunch of Mets fans in Connecticut.

Clint Hurdle: Christian Right / Christian Coalition
He will make sure Mets players uphold the virtues set forth by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Chip Hale: Reform Party
Endorsed by Ross Perot and Jesse Ventura, Hale symbolizes the party’s core belief in centrism.

Tim Teufel: Constitution Party

They couldn’t convince Pat Buchanan to join the ranks, but Tim Teufel would seem a more feasible party leader.

Joe McEwing: Green Party

Ralph Nader became famous after writing the book Unsafe At Any Speed. Similarly, Super Joe’s career 62% basestealing percentage (33 SB, 20 CS) made him unsafe at any speed.

Ken Oberkfell: Worker’s Party
The symbol of the working man, Oberkfell embodies the party’s fundamental vision that all men have a right to a secure job.
Wally Backman: Boston Tea Party
The Tea Partyers long for the the way things were in the 1980s, and tap into the majority’s anger with the two-party system. Like most Tea Party candidates, he is a darkhorse, but on everyone’s radar.


Quick Primer on Wally Backman

Of all the potential candidates to be interviewed for manager of the New York Mets by General Sandy Alderson, only one has a detailed resume available in video form — both on DVD and via publicly accessible internet channels such as youTube and Blip.tv.

So for every person who states “I’m not sure how Wally Backman would be as a manager”, and was too lazy / cheap / ignorant to either purchase the DVD or view the free clips online (over 300 and counting), see OnTheBlack for a short playlist of vignettes showing Wally in action.

If you are lucky enough to have disposable income, you can also buy the Playing for Peanuts DVD and support MetsToday simultaneously. (If you want to buy the DVD, but prefer to support Jeff Bezos, AND pay $5 MORE, you can also
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