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Willets Point Suit Thrown Out

willets-pointYou may or may not know that the construction of Citi Field was a central part of a redevelopment plan in the gritty, commercial area of Queens known as Willets Point. Part of that plan included the “eviction” of many businesses in the area, particularly the auto repair shops and salvage yards that are viewed as eyesores by many — particularly the well-to-do who can afford the high price of tickets behind home plate.

A group of businessmen being forced out of Willets Point via eminent domain brought a suit against New York City, citing that their Constitutional rights had been violated. However, that suit has been thrown out by a Federal judge in Brooklyn.

I haven’t done enough research on the redevelopment plan, nor do I know much about Willets Point (other than what’s found via Google and the NYC tabloids), so I’m not going to get on a soapbox and argue for one side or the other. Generally speaking I don’t like the concept of eminent domain and really don’t like small businesses going out of business. But I’m assuming there’s much more to the story, and it would be great to hear from all sides.

That said it’s “open mic day” here at MetsToday — if you have any locally derived or personally connected information on the subject, and/or an opinion, please use the comments section as a platform.