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Link Roundup: Scraping Together a Roster

This was the Mets' reaction to Brian Wilson.

This was the Mets’ reaction to Brian Wilson.

Pitchers and Catchers report in less than a month, and the Mets still have holes to fill on their roster.

They need a starting pitcher to help replace the 220 innings left behind by R.A. Dickey.  Rumor had it they were interested in Daisuke Matsuzaka, but another rumor had it they weren’t.

They also need a late-inning bullpen arm to either close or set up.  They worked out RHP Brian Wilson, but apparently were not impressed.  Wilson, however is still on the Mets’ radar.  The former Giants closer is coming off his second Tommy John surgery.  He also had a procedure to repair his FHCL (Facial Hair Cruciate Ligament).

The Mets also need a right handed hitting outfielder.  They’ve been looking to bring back Scott Hairston after his career year in Flushing in 2012, but balked at his most recent asking price of 2 years, $8 million.  They countered with a 1 year, $2 million offer.

If Hairston is their biggest offseason free agent target, then they surely are strapped for cash.  The Mets aren’t even shopping in the frozen food section anymore, they’re buying packages of “manager’s special” chicken that expired yesterday.

That’s not a knock against Hairston – he’s a useful, if unspectacular, player – it’s a knock against the Wilpons, who continue to grind their franchise into the ground.

In more positive news, David Wright will represent the Mets on Team USA in this year’s World Baseball Classic.  He’ll be joined by former teammate R.A. Dickey.



Link Roundup: A Re-Fi and a Goodbye

The Mets refinanced anywhere between $450 and $700 million in existing debt, depending on which source you trust, which means the Wilpons will be sticking around.


This also means the team will be paying off this debt for years, which may result in more offseasons like this one, where even teams like the Kansas City Royals outspend the Mets.  Some would say the Wilpons are holding our team hostage.  Well, it’s either them or their creditors.

Here is some additional detail about the loan.

While the Wilpons are sticking around, Ted Berg, one of my favorite Mets bloggers, is leaving SNY.  Sounds like Ted is semi-retiring from his blog as well.  Godspeed and best of luck to Ted in all of his endeavors, including trips to Taco Bell and the local deli.

Meanwhile, the Mets are looking for a warm body to fill R.A. Dickey‘s spot in the rotation.  And they’re looking at Chris Young.  Again.  The only similarity between Dickey and Young is that they both top out at about 83 MPH.  Of course, that’s the speed of Young’s fastball.

The Mets still need outfield help as well, and Mack has been scouring the rosters of other teams to find a potential target.  The Mets are also looking to Anthony Recker to add some catching depth.  The 29 year-old Recker showed some pop in the Athletics and Cubs minor league system, but has put up Nickeas-like numbers in his limited action in the majors.

At least third base is secure for a while.  Here’s an interesting blogger roundtable about the future of David Wright.

That’s what’s going on in the blogosphere.  Keep checking out Mets Today for more on the maneuverings of the offseason.


Link Roundup: Frustration and Impatience

December is here, and the Mets front office has been rather quiet.  Except for the extension of David Wright, and the release of Jason Bay, no major roster turnover has occurred.

Is Sandy Alderson just a pretender, as MMO suggests, or has the front office simply given up (Yes, I understand linking to one’s own blog is a tad incestuous)?  Or could it be that Alderson is still waiting out the market instead of making a rash decision that could lead to overpaying in money and/or players?  Either way, Mets fans are getting impatient.

As for Wright, he will be on the payroll through 2025, whether he is on the roster or not.  $15.5 million of his contract is deferred, and will be paid in installments during 2021 and 2025.  That will help free up salary in the near future, but the Mets better be in stronger financial shape nine years from now.

Andres Torres signed a one-year deal with the Giants, the team on which he had his only good major league season.  So now San Francisco has both Pagan and Torres, and the Mets will likely start the year without Ramon Ramirez, the key part of that trade from a year ago.  The trade can now fairly be characterized as a bust, but at the time I liked it, mainly for Ramirez.  But Ramon decided to have the worst year of his life in 2012, so it didn’t work out.

The only truly big move that is likely to occur is going to be either the extension or trade of R.A. Dickey.  Dickey appeared to be having a blue (blue blue blue) Christmas at the Mets holiday party this week.  He wants the contract talks to move faster.  The Mets appear to be waiting on the trade market now that Zack Greinke is off the board.  Everyone has thrown in their speculation, but it looks about 50/50 whether he will be signed or not.  They could get a good return on a trade for R.A., but Dickey gives the Mets some identity (not to mention his ace status on the mound), and is truly a feel-good story.  When was the last time a Met was on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

For now, it’s time for us Mets fans to wait out the front office.  Don’t expect any big moves this year.  More payroll will be coming off the books following the 2013 season.  Until then, your loyalty will be tested.


The Contract Offer: Wright or Wrong?

Can the Mets afford Wright AND the rest of the team?

I’ve been avoiding the subject of contract extensions for David Wright and R.A. Dickey because A) I don’t feel like speculating about if every single day, especially when I know next to nothing about what’s going on behind closed doors – like everyone else, and B) Everyone else has already chimed in on it.  But now, because an offer has been REPORTEDLY made, and I’m feeling narcissistic today, I will chime in.

According to various sources, the Mets made an offer to David Wright that consists of 7 years at about $20 million per.  My immediate reaction?  If they can afford Wright at that price while still keeping money in the coffers to fill other positions of need, then let’s do it.  If they’re breaking the bank for one player, and we have to have another year of Josh Thole behind the plate, an outfield of Lucas Duda/Kirk Nieuwenhuis/Mike Baxter, and Frank Francisco closing games, then don’t.

However, since I’m writing stream-of-consciousness…


Citi Pond Tree Lighting

The Citi Pond tree lighting will take place this evening in Bryant Park.  Details below.

Let’s see, what do I want for Christmas?  Extensions for David Wright and R.A. Dickey, a catcher, a center fielder, a closer, new owners, Grace Potter…wait – what?


Link Roundup: Thanksgiving Edition

The fourth Thursday of November is upon us, and that can only mean one thing.  Time to eat a lot and be thankful about it!  Other things to be thankful for: Your friends and family during the recovery from Superstorm Sandy.  Another thing to be thankful for?  Mets baseball.  It doesn’t matter how they’re doing in the standings, but we all have something to talk about and bond over.  That’s the real value of sports in our lives.

And the real value of Mets tickets?  A minimum of $63 per ticket on Opening Day.  So what are you going to do about that outrageous price?

In other news, the Mets filled out their 40-man roster.  Not much to see here, but that doesn’t stop the Twitter faithful from overreacting.  Actually, the big news is that Zack Wheeler is now on the 40-man.  You don’t have to be a psychic to see that Zack will be in the big leagues at some point in 2013, which is certainly something to look forward to.

Meanwhile, the Mets seem more determined than ever to sign both David Wright and R.A. Dickey.  If you believe Jeff Wilpon.

But some people think the chances are only 50/50 when it comes to Wright.

And the Mets have graduated from the fruit and nuts section to the frozen food isle, but that still doesn’t preclude them from a little dumpster diving.

Have a great Thanksgiving, wherever and with whomever you may spend it, and keep checking out Mets Today during the offseaon.



Blog Roundup: Wrights and Wrongz

David Wright missed out on winning the Gold Glove this week – the powers that be decided Chase Headley of the Padres was more worthy.  They know that the Gold Glove has nothing to do with home runs, right?  In fact, Headley’s Baseball Reference dWAR was 0.0, while Wright’s was 2.1.  So, essentialy, a replacement player (defensively) won the award.

Ah well, there are more important games afoot when it comes to Wright.  Conventional wisdom around baseball has it that Wright will re-sign with the Mets for a 7-year deal in addition to his option year.  Former exec Jim Bowden predicts it will cost the Wilpons about $18 million per year.

But what if he doesn’t re-sign?  There are indications that talks have hit a snag.  Who would be the most logical TRAID..er..I mean…trade partners for the Mets, and who could they get in return?

Of course, the Mets have other needs, most notably outfielder and catcher.  A.J. Pierzynski has hit the open market.  He would make sense for the Mets in the short term.  He’s a solid backstop and a good hitter, but he’ll be 36 on opening day 2013.  And he’s a left-handed hitter, which would make him less of a match with Josh Thole, who needs to stick around to catch R.A. Dickey.  Perhaps the Mets could retain Shoppach and part ways with Thole, but that doesn’t seem likely.  Of course, there’s no law against carrying 2 left-handed hitting catchers anyway.

Bullpen is another area that needs help.  How about Ryan Madson?

But chances are, they won’t be signing any big free agents this offseason.

Meanwhile, the Astros have joined the Mets in going back to a more retro look.  They accidentally leaked the cap on their website – I have to say, I like it much better than the recent look.  So at least they’ll be well-dressed as they take a good beating by the AL West.  Who else should revive the classics?

So, we’ll see what kind of offseason the Mets have in store for us.  Stay tuned for the drama.


SI: Mets to extend Dickey, Wright “Quickly”

He already has a book deal…

According to a story from Sports Illustrated’s Fannation.com, Sandy Alderson intends to extend R.A. Dickey and David Wright soon, perhaps even before the World Series:

Sandy Alderson’s definition of “quickly,” when it comes to David Wright‘s and R.A Dickey’s future with the Mets, could mean before the first pitch of the World Series is even thrown. The Mets general manager made it clear earlier this week a resolution on both players’ futures could come quickly. A baseball source with knowledge of the team’s thinking was more specific yesterday, saying it’s conceivable Wright and Dickey will have new deals in place, at least in principle, by the time the World Series begins later this month. Wright and Dickey are under club control for 2013, but have indicated they will test free agency next offseason if they do not receive new contracts by spring training.

Strictly from an emotional fan perspective, I felt relieved to read this.  Signing Dickey and Wright would be great for the morale of the fans and the players.

Thinking about it rationally, I’m not sure this is the right move.  Perhaps one or both could be traded for major league ready outfielders or a catcher or some other need.  They might be able to fill, say, 4 other positions in exchange for these two players.

But how plausible would it be to replace their production?  Dickey may never have another 20-win season with a 2.73 ERA, but he will likely give the Mets 7 good innings every five days  32 or 33 times a year.  He’s shown that ability not just in 2012, but in his previous 2 seasons with the Mets.  And for as much as David Wright regressed to the mean in the second half, a team with little extra base power needs a player who can hit 40+ doubles and 20+ home runs.  Wright has done that consistently in years he’s been healthy, except for 2009.

Once again, the Mets don’t have a lot of money to spend this offseason, and many needs to fill.  Sandy Alderson will have to get creative on the trade market.  If he extends Dickey and Wright, two of his most valuable trade chips are off the table.  However, the Mets will be assured that they will have an ace pitcher and an All-Star third baseman heading into 2013.