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Link Roundup: A Re-Fi and a Goodbye

The Mets refinanced anywhere between $450 and $700 million in existing debt, depending on which source you trust, which means the Wilpons will be sticking around.


This also means the team will be paying off this debt for years, which may result in more offseasons like this one, where even teams like the Kansas City Royals outspend the Mets.  Some would say the Wilpons are holding our team hostage.  Well, it’s either them or their creditors.

Here is some additional detail about the loan.

While the Wilpons are sticking around, Ted Berg, one of my favorite Mets bloggers, is leaving SNY.  Sounds like Ted is semi-retiring from his blog as well.  Godspeed and best of luck to Ted in all of his endeavors, including trips to Taco Bell and the local deli.

Meanwhile, the Mets are looking for a warm body to fill R.A. Dickey‘s spot in the rotation.  And they’re looking at Chris Young.  Again.  The only similarity between Dickey and Young is that they both top out at about 83 MPH.  Of course, that’s the speed of Young’s fastball.

The Mets still need outfield help as well, and Mack has been scouring the rosters of other teams to find a potential target.  The Mets are also looking to Anthony Recker to add some catching depth.  The 29 year-old Recker showed some pop in the Athletics and Cubs minor league system, but has put up Nickeas-like numbers in his limited action in the majors.

At least third base is secure for a while.  Here’s an interesting blogger roundtable about the future of David Wright.

That’s what’s going on in the blogosphere.  Keep checking out Mets Today for more on the maneuverings of the offseason.