The Mets Are Green – After 17th

Yes, the Mets are green, but it has nothing to do with St. Paddy’s Day. Unlike previous years, the Mets did not wear green uniforms today — though they did make sure the grass was green. And no, Shawn Green has nothing to do with the story, either.

Rather, the “greenness” — or earth friendliness — of Citi Field was recently announced by the Mets, and applauded by Environmental Leader (The Executive’s Daily Green Briefing).

The main points:

The $800 million structure is being built from approximately 95 percent recycled steel to reduce energy consumption and at least 2 million pounds of recycled coal combustion products that will save more than 800 tons of carbon dioxide. The team’s administration building will feature a 15,000-square-foot “green roof,” which will reduce energy needs by retaining cool air in the summer and heat in the winter.

The new stadium will also contain low-flow plumbing features such as hands-free faucets and waterless urinals that will save more than 4 million gallons of water per year. Water conservation will also be achieved with the installation of an on-site well to be used for irrigation, as well as a 3,700-square-foot drainage bed to control the flow of storm-water runoff.

“It certainly would’ve been easier to build a new ballpark without incorporating green technology, but the Mets understand that their responsibility to New Yorkers doesn’t end with the third out in the ninth inning,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. “They’ve taken the initiative to be bold, innovative and environmentally responsible. Citi Field will be one of the most environmentally friendly stadiums ever built any place. It will help us build a greener, greater New York.”

The Mets have also joined with the EPA to be part of their Energy Star program, which encourages environmental protection through energy efficiency, as well as a recycling program, which will include the Mets’ food and beverage partner, ARAMARK.

As for the fans, getting to their new cheering sections will be easier than ever. The Mets are continuing to work with the MTA and Long Island Rail Road to increase the use of mass transit to games. Bloomberg said that additional train and bus service will be added for every home game in order to encourage fans to leave their cars at home.

So Fenway will have the “Green Monster”, but the Mets will have the … er … “Green Stadium” (OK, not a great ring to that, but it’s nice anyway).

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