Politics of Opening Day

Normally I don’t like to mix politics with this blog, and the few times I do, at least a few of you give me virtual slaps for doing so (and that’s both expected and accepted!).

But I have to point out something that no other media outlet seems to have noticed or reported on.

The single, biggest change in the US financial system in the last 70 years was announced on baseball’s Opening Day, March 31st.

Yes, I know it wasn’t “officially” opening day because of the Nats game and the A’s-Bosox game in Japan. However, March 31 was effectively the first day that every MLB team had a game — and ironically, that was the day that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson chose to unveil his massive overhaul plans.

Coincidence or careful planning?

I am not going to open up the can of worms of whether the financial plan is good or bad — this isn’t the place. I only wish to throw out there the possibility that this incredibly crucial announcement was purposely made at the same time a huge bulk of the population wouldn’t pay much attention to the news because their focus was on their favorite baseball team’s first game.

Call me a conspiracy theorist …

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