10 Reasons the Mets Stink

Carlos Delgado of the NY Mets

Notice none have to do with Willie the Scapegoat.

1. Moises Alou: 15 games played.

2. Carlos Delgado: still in uniform.

3. Oliver Perez: 2006 Edition

4. Duaner Sanchez: not the guy we knew from April-July 2006

5. Aaron Heilman: see #2, adjust timeframe to July 2006 – September 2007.

6. Ambiorix Burgos out for the year. A middle reliever with a 100-MPH fastball would have been helpful.

7. Carlos Beltran is not A-Rod (though the paychecks are similar).

8. Carlos Delgado is no longer Carlos Delgado. Oh wait, we already mentioned Delgado.

9. The defense of Brian Schneider and Ryan Church isn’t preventing enough runs.

10. David Wright can’t hit .600.

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