Valentin Packs It In

The 2008 comeback attempt of Jose Valentin has come to an end.

After hitting a pinch-hit homerun for New Orleans, Valentin called the Mets’ front office to say that he was shutting it down for the rest of the season — but is not yet ready to retire.

Valentin had been struggling in his recovery from both a pinched nerve in his neck and a strained right elbow, and that the lack of progress in rehabilitating those injuries was the major factor in his decision. He did say that he would rest and looked forward to initiating another comeback beginning with winter ball later this year.

Too bad for Jose, who is a class act, a legitimate gamer, and missed presence in the Mets’ clubhouse.

Somewhat related to this news was the plethora of quotes by Tony Bernazard in the “official” report on Personally, I don’t remember Bernazard being directly quoted in an official Mets news article more than three times in the last two years. However, he’s quoted several times in this one. Hmmmmmmmmmm …..

In other injury news, Ryan Church is now jogging and throwing, and will be hitting next week, according to John Delcos.

Delcos also reports that Moises Alou “might take batting practice next week”. Additionally, Delcos’ column states:

Assistant GM Tony Bernazard said he wouldn’t be surprised either way if Alou is available by the All-Star break.

Once again, what the heck is up with Tony “Rasputin” Bernazard supplying information?

By the way, what does “surprised either way” mean? He wouldn’t be surprised if he’s available, and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not? This is supposed to be a scoop-worthy nugget of wisdom unearthed by a tenacious journalist? Or is it a writer scared to death of losing his credentials, and trying to get on Tony’s good side?

This Machiavellian routine grows more disturbing every day.

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  1. isuzudude June 22, 2008 at 2:17 pm
    If Jose decides to retire, I hope the Mets extend the invitation to him to remain in the organization as a coach or scout at some level. Even though his stay with the Mets was abbreviated and quite rocky at times, he made a lasting impression to me of a hard-working, energetic player who maximized what talent was given to him.