Mets Game 98: Loss to Reds

Reds 7 Mets 2

We could blame Carlos Beltran for giving away two runs in the field and impersonating a statue with runners on base at the bat. But this loss comes down to one thing: how in the world did Josh Fogg — he of the 7.94 ERA — hold the Mets to one earned run in six innings?

It is quite a mystery.

While in the process of not driving runners home, the Mets wasted a fine effort by Oliver Perez, who deserved better. Ollie pitched six innings, allowing three runs on six hits and three walks, striking out six. He was lifted for a pinch-hitter after 87 pitches, and likely had at least another frame or two in him. But it wouldn’t have mattered, since the Mets bats were completely impotent after runners reached base.

With their inability to drive in runs on this evening, I’m OK with the bullpen finally breaking down (Pedro Feliciano allowed 4 runs) — it was bound to happen, and I’d rather they give up the runs during a game like this, rather than one in which the Mets had a chance to win.


David Wright went 3-for-4, including a double and his 19th homerun. Carlos Delgado had two hits in three at-bats. No one else in the lineup had more than one hit.

Is Jeff Keppinger still sore about not getting a fair shake from the Mets during his tenure with them? Well, he’s now 13-for-26 against the Mets …. I guess it could be a coincidence.

I know people are getting tired of me bringing up the love for Jerry Manuel. But you know what? I’m getting tired of the SNY announcers analyzing every single managerial move and telling us how they’re such good moves. There was nary a mention when Willie Randolph brought in a pinch-hitter, or a reliever, but every time Manuel passes gas we have to hear how flowery it smells. Case in point: bottom of the 7th inning, Gary and Keith tell us how Manuel made great moves in the top of the inning to put the Mets in position to execute, with Keith lamenting what a shame it is when a manager makes the “wrong” moves, but the players execute, and the manager comes out smelling like a rose, yet never gets credit for making the “right” moves and the players failing. Whatever. A minute later Keith let us know he “agreed with” Manuel’s decision to intentionally walk Brandon Phillips to set up a double play situation for Adam Dunn. Never mind that Dunn is a fly ball, rather than ground ball, hitter. As it turned out, Dunn hit an RBI single.

Again, I’m FOR Jerry Manuel, and this rant has nothing to do with him. What I don’t get is where was all this move-by-move analysis when Randolph was at the helm? Good, bad, or indifferent — where was it? Is it possible that Willie’s public criticism of TV station’s coverage resulted in an SNY directive to show the Mets manager (whoever he is) in a positive light? Very fishy.

Next Game

Mike Pelfrey goes against Edinson Volquez in a 1:15 pm start. As stated before this series, I’d be fine with a split, and the Mets still have a chance to pull that off, and go into Philadelphia with a chance to take direct control of the top of the division.

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  1. julie July 20, 2008 at 7:40 am
    We certainly look flat. Hopefully we can build that good head of steam again. Frankly, I’m dubious of the ten straight if we can’t get it together quickly. Why are we always screwed by mediocre pitchers? What does this say about our batters or their approach. Are we ever going to see Beltran in the two hole or have we abandoned that line up? Speaking of the SNY guys, why are they talking about what a great year Beltran is having. Can the guy steal a few more bases, is he never going to hit higher than 269, I don’t get it.
  2. isuzudude July 20, 2008 at 8:12 am
    SK has taught us the ways of the pendulum. Earlier this season, when the Mets were struggling, it meant the bounces were eventually going to go our way. And they did, embodied by a 10 game winning streak and a shot back up the NL East standings. However, is it possible that pendulum is now swinging back to the other side? The bullpen had thrown 21 consecutive scoreless innings during the streak, so it only makes sense, according to the pendulum theory, that they’re due to give up a ton of runs. I guess the ultimate question is, does a 10 game winning streak preceed a 10 game losing streak? 1/5 of the way there, we’ll find out soon.

    Joe, I think you’re spot-on with your suspicion of the broadcast crew. No doubt they made a collective decision to “talk up” Jerry to avoid the negative press that was created during the Willie administration. I also wouldn’t doubt that the guys took umbrage with Willie’s criticism, unjust or not, and are now sticking it to Willie by sugar-coating every little thing Jerry does. The day they start complimenting the aroma of Jerry’s farts is the day we should start calling for a new announce crew.

    Since Julie is only in the business of guerilla blogging, I know she won’t respond to a direct question, but I’ll pose it anyway for rhetoric purposes. You do realize that, in the same post, you call for Beltran to hit 2nd and then knock him for a quality unbecoming of a prototypical #2 hitter. So again, I beg the question, if Beltran is so hesitant to steal bases, and hits for such a “low” average, and consistently fails to hit in the clutch, and strikes out too often, why are you looking to give him MORE atbats in the course of a game?

  3. joe July 20, 2008 at 10:07 am
    ‘dude I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing the talk-up for the manager … enough people have criticized me (privately) to make me think I was seeing things.

    I think Julie is, like me, tired of seeing Beltran fail time after time after time after time in the clutch. Yeah, D-Wright also left the bat on his shoulder with the bases loaded during that “rally”, but David also had three other hits in the game and has been coming through with big hits all season. And just what in the world was Beltran looking for on that 3-2 pitch? He just saw Wright go down on a breaking pitch in the same situation, so it shouldn’t have bee a surprise to see it again. Also did he really think it was a ball? Maybe he had Luis Castillo disease and was begging for a walk.

    No matter, because Beltran wasn’t the only one in the lineup not hitting yesterday.

  4. julie July 20, 2008 at 10:45 am
    What is guerilla blogging? I’d like to see a little shake up with Beltran to try and help him achieve a better batting average.
  5. sincekindergarten July 20, 2008 at 1:26 pm
    ID, the thing is, I don’t think that the pendulum has stopped going our way. It might have slowed down a tad, but that may be because the clock was tilted towards the way the pendulum was tilting.

    Today, they seem to be hitting.