Sherman: Putz Yes Bradford No

In his most recent column, Joel Sherman is reporting on several rumors. We’ll go over them one by one.

Jenks / Dye / F-Mart
Sherman claims there is nothing to the rumor that the Mets will trade Fernando Martinez to the White Sox as part of a package for Bobby Jenks and Jermaine Dye:

“Talked to a few Met officials who called it nonsense. The Mets have made Martinez all but untouchable.”

J.J. Putz
However, Sherman does report that the Mariners are making J.J. Putz available:

What falls under the category of real, the Post has learned, is that the Mariners have made J.J. Putz available.

Gee, thanks for scoop! However the rest of the planet above that rock the Post has been under, heard this about a month ago.

Sherman goes on to state:

“The Mets like Putz as much – or possibly more – than any of the available free-agent closers.”

Not sure why they’re so high on Putz, though I like him better than Fuentes. Do they know he’ll be 32 years old in February? That his walk rate increased dramatically in 2008? (From 13 in 72 IP in 2007 to 28 BB in 46 IP in ’08.) Do they know he had a balky elbow last season, one that put him on the DL for a month? I’m not sure I’d be so quick to trade young healthy prospects for this guy.


“I do keep hearing from both inside and outside the Met organization that they really are dead set against giving either Rodriguez or Fuentes more than three guaranteed years. They certainly are not going to give more than three years unless an agent for Fuentes or K-Rod can show an offer from somewhere else for more than three years. It is hard to unearth a team that is ready to go to four years for one of them. The Mets are scared about Kerry Wood’s injury history, but if he were willing to do a two-year contract and come to New York he would become as appealing to the Mets as either K-Rod or Fuentes.”

Have to agree with Sherman here — it makes no sense for the Mets to go more than three years for either K-Rod or Fuentes, when it’s unlikely anyone else is willing to give them a longer deal. I bet Kerry Wood is willing to take a two-year deal — the only issue is whether he wants to pitch in New York. Why give three years plus your #1 pick for the other guys when you can get someone nearly as good for two years and no pick? Of course, an MRI of his shoulder is a prerequisite, but Rodriguez and Fuentes do not come without risk — either may be on the brink of a breakdown, for all we know.

Chad Bradford
Sherman says the Rays offered ChadBrad to the Mets, but there was no interest:

“The Rays offered Chad Bradford to the Mets because $3.5 million is too much in Tampa’s world for a set-up man, and Ray officials were shocked when the Mets told them it is too much for them, as well.”

If this is true, I’m equally shocked — beyond belief. After seeing Bradford pitch better for one season than any other 6th-7th inning guy in Mets history, and seeing him continue to be effective after leaving New York, and knowing that his underhanded style allows him to pitch, literally, every day, and seeing how cheap he is relative to other middle relievers, there simply is no logical explanation for the Mets to balk at such an offer. Now, if the Rays were asking for Daniel Murphy, I understand. But if it was a salary dump, and the Rays were looking to open a conversation, this makes no sense.

The only reasoning that makes sense — again, if the rumor is true — is that by bringing back ChadBrad, the Mets think it will make them look like the bungling idiots for allowing him to walk away in the first place. Because if you remember, they thought Bradford wasn’t worth a 3-year deal (but somehow, Scott Schoeneweis was).

C’mon now …. swallow your pride, admit your mistake, and trade a bag of balls for Chad Bradford. He can pitch in ANY relief situation (including closer, if necessary), he’s cheap, he has one year left, and he’s better than anyone currently listed as a reliever on the 40-man roster.

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  1. Micalpalyn December 4, 2008 at 2:20 pm
    Nice post: On Bradford, i think there is smoke there and that the deal could simply be worked with Bradford and Jackson/Sonnanstine giving Nises an extra year.

    I like the Keery wood idea much better, but then again i think the Mets will sign K-rod but will use hoffman and Wood as leverage to lower the price. 3yrs +vesting option at 10per?

  2. joe December 4, 2008 at 10:16 pm
    Agreed that the Mets are purposely leaking “rumors” about Putz, Jenks, etc. to get K-Rod’s agent shaking in his boots. If the Mets bail out of the K-Rod sweepstakes, Rodriguez will be LUCKY to get a 3/30 deal … and that might be from the Bronx to set up for Mo Rivera.
  3. Micalpalyn December 5, 2008 at 12:53 pm
    K-Rod is no different from CC in that his price will set the relief market. Omar has made NO offer yet and now says no deal is imminent yet we know they are eyeing each other like two adolescents at a high school dance. K-rod is not mariano but i think he COULD be better than Wags. That said the releif market has not got alot of assurances…..Big contract relivers have BOMBED lately (Lidge being an exception). Omar only need point to BJ Ryan, Jamie Walker and our own Stud, the Show.

    See Metsblog: Apparently there is some smoke on a potential Aaron for Street trade. Yes a prospect is in that package too. If the rumors were trade they like Sho also..Could a ‘blockbuster be put together to include Jeff Francis?

  4. joe December 5, 2008 at 2:01 pm
    From an objective POV, you can’t get much better than Wags was from 2006-2007, unless your name is Mariano and you own a steakhouse. The concern about K-Rod is his alarming drop in velocity from mid-90s to low-90s. Not to say he can’t continue to be effective, but it is a red flag that there is a problem brewing inside his shoulder — something that won’t necessarily show up in an MRI.

    Why didn’t the Mets trade Heilman and Scho for Matt Holliday?