Picture Lesson: The Albatross

Today we have our weekly wildlife lesson for the children. Kiddies, this is an albatross:


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  1. gary s May 3, 2009 at 12:18 pm
    the picture of perez is perfect.he is the personification of an albatross.his free agent signing makes the castillo signing look good.he demoralizes the fans, the players and the announcers.if i never see him start another game it will be too soon.do u folks realize that for his 12 mill, we could have signed bobby abreu for left, orlando hudson for second and had enough left over for pedro for 1 year?nice job omar.i can’t wait till u are fired.one more thing, has anyone ever seen sean greene and aaron heilman in the same room together?omar, u actually traded for a guy who is a carbon copy of heilman.he has one pitch and he can’t throw it for consistent strikes..PLEASE FIRE OMAR!!!