Mets Linked to Swine Flu

As if things weren’t bad enough for the Mets, the team is linked to a case of swine flu.

Eli from Brooklyn is hoppin’ “Matt” with the sudden and unexplained closure of comments over at MetsBlog. Hey fans, come on over to MetsToday, where comments are never closed, or your money back!

Toasty Joe has finally made a third appearance this month, talking of fried eggs and philanderers on ESPN.

Anthony DeRosa opines on the Crucifixion of Ryan Church.

Mike doesn’t trust the Mets, and contrasts this team to the more fundamentally sound, dependable, and resilient 2006 club. What makes this post more powerful is the fact it was written A WEEK AGO (i.e., before the debacle that was the Dodgers series).

SNK at You Can’t Script Baseball is trying to like Jerry Manuel, but just can’t. She also manages to use the word “Untrammeled” in the headline, without mentioning Alan (or Bubba) Trammell. Nice.

BTW, SNK also cites a long-forgotten diatribe calling out Manuel from the (sadly) now-defunct Fire Joe Morgan from last October. And here I thought I was the only detractor back then.

The Kranepool Society likes Jerry the person better than Jerry the manager. I’m jealous — I’ve never met Jerry Manuel in person.

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  1. Eli From Brooklyn May 21, 2009 at 1:17 pm
    Lol, cute.

    The Mets definitely do not put the “win” in Swine Flu.

  2. TaxPayerField May 21, 2009 at 3:59 pm
    MetsBlog just shut down comments. Now you can’t even leave comments on the team’s unofficial official blog. Nice work Mets! Way to stifle dissent!
  3. Eli From Brooklyn May 22, 2009 at 1:02 am
    It’s so distasteful. Wow.
  4. mic May 22, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Interesting reading around the sportsspyder today joe. I know you have a life….so I’ll stir the pot for you……

    – Trades: I like the banter you and i-dude had that brought up Cintron. I mean why trade for Derosa if you can have Cintron for free? The worst part is that Derosa would play short for how long….then play 1st? …the most logic is that he replaces Alex cora …..who really is THE most missed presence this last week. His loss started the streak… the moment. One blog suggested a trade that included Shoppach coming back…Let me be

    – just posted on the MLBrumors is one comment on the Nats and Nick Johnson. Would they swap Johnson for Putz? likely i’d try to add Kunz there and get one of their ‘starters’ back.

    -Metsmerized (and others) are suggesting F-mart could be up this weekend.

    -Intersting link up there on Church. Do the Mets see him as a part timer?

  5. isuzudude May 22, 2009 at 10:32 pm
    Interesting topics, mic. While it appears like I may be in the minority, I don’t think/want the Mets to make ANY trades right now. Especially when it seems like Mark DeRosa is the most attractive and realistic option to obtain. Your link directs to a blog that wants to trade Niese – our TOP pitching prospect, mind you – for DeRosa, a mid-30s utility player coming off a career year and who will be a FA by year’s end, and Shoppach, who is pretty much Ramon Castro without the injury history. I always preach not to overvalue our own prospects, but this is ridiculous. He wants to trade the organization’s most ML-ready SP prospect, and 2 others, for a 4-month utility player and a backup catcher. Stop the insanity.

    However, Mic, I’m not falling for Johnson for Putz. When Delgado comes back and Johnson has no position to play, we’ll be crying about having a handcuffed bench and a gaping hole in the setup-man department. Also, I doubt anyone is trading for Eddie Kunz. He blew chunks with the Mets last year and looks like anything but a decent prospect in AAA this year. I don’t foresee anybody giving up anything of value for him until he gets his act together.

    Additionally, I don’t know about this weekend, but I do believe FMart is a Sheffield, Beltran, or Church injury away from a call up. He’s certainly earned a promotion judging by his AAA statistics.