Beltran Out for the Year?

Anthony Lafaman of The Daily Stache is not a doctor, nor does he play one on TV. But he does play one on his blog, and he found some disturbing news regarding Carlos Beltran’s injury.

It’s Tony “B”, as in “Bad” … read the latest sweet nothings uttered by Mets VP Tony Bernazard at a recent game.

**UPDATE** More from Tony B …. he most recently challenged a clubhouse of young men to a fight!

Omar Minaya’s and Jerry Manuel’s jobs are safe. No, they’re not.

IM Forme longs for the days of Nelson Doubleday. Me too.

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  1. Walnutz15 July 22, 2009 at 8:40 am
    RE: Bernazard

    It’s good to see this “organization” becoming more of a joke with each day that passes…..attaway Wilpons!

    (If I wanted to re-live 1993, I’d look into purchasing a DeLorean, some plutonium, and of course — some M-.80’s for Vince Coleman.)

    If Bernazard’s so bad, which the long-standing precedent in which the NY media has shown him to be — then it’s simple — just get rid of him.

    I mean, really — if there’s that big a problem…….it’s not like he has a sterling Minor League system/reputation, or anything else to boast.

    Take care of the cancer and be done with it, provided that’s truly the case.

    The Wilpons have put their trust in a ton of sketchy characters through the years — and it’s not just Bernazard. There’s been a long line of other losers preceding him.

    Why should we EVER trust them to do the right thing….that’s the truly sad part of it all for me.

    Only thing that’s completely strange about all of this — for me — is that Bernazard has been painted as someone who coddles players and lets them do whatever they want on his watch…..wouldn’t this latest depiction go completely and totally against the grain?

    P.S. — I really wanted to stick around in the car to hear Craig Carton play the audio of the incident in the clubhouse on WFAN — but had to get out. If anyone has it, please feel free to post.


  2. Mark July 22, 2009 at 9:15 am
    As much as the injuries aren’t really Minaya’s fault I would think that at some point you have to turn to the guy assembling the team for the blame.on
  3. dyhrdmet July 22, 2009 at 8:05 pm
    not to divert the focus away from Tony B and his 3 ring circus, but I’m starting to wonder if the problem was losing the good guy Nelson Doubleday, or gaining a much more visible bad guy in Jeff Wilpon. Tony B is a Jeff Wilpon guy (I haven’t heard anyone type that he’s a Fred Wilpon guy) and Jeff Wilpon seems to meddle a lot more than his dad.