Mets Game 31: Loss to Giants

Giants 9 Mets 4

Oliver Perez didn’t deserve this.

Ollie pitched very well through the first four innings, cruising like the ace he seemed to be evolving into.

Then came frame five.

The fifth inning began as a comedy of errors, and ended a nightmare. It began with a walk to Ray Durham, and got silly with a botched homerun call by the umpiring crew on a fly ball off the wall by Bengie Molina. If called correctly, it would have put runners on second and third, the Mets still up by a run, and Ollie may not have lost his sh*t. However, that one awful call had a domino effect.

To start, two runs — instead of none — scored on the faux homer by Molina. However, that wasn’t the worst of it; it was only the beginning. Perez rebounded momentarily, but didn’t pitch particularly well, giving up hard line shot outs to Pedro Feliz and Todd Linden. It was more a matter of getting lucky that those batters hit the ball right at somebody. Still, Ollie had a great chance to escape the inning allowing only the two runs, as Barry Zito came up next. However, Zito hit a line drive single up the middle, his second career hit. Randy Winn followed with a ground ball to the glove of Damion Easley, who booted it to extend the inning. Then Omar Vizquel hit a fly ball to rightfield that Shawn Green seemed to have a bead on, but the ball bounced off his glove — extending the inning one more batter as well as allowing a run to score. Rich Aurilia followed with a homerun to left, prompting Rick Peterson to finally emerge from his bird’s nest and have a few words with Perez (about four batters too late). The Jacket apparently didn’t tell him anything useful, because Ollie walked Barroid Bonds on four pitches, then gave up a single to Ray Durham. That was enough for Willie Randolph, who brought in Lino Urdaneta, who proceeded to give up a 3-run homer — this one legit — to Bengie Molina. By the time Urdaneta got Feliz to ground out to third, the Giants had scored nine runs on five hits (two homers) and two errors. Seven of the runs scored after there were two outs.

The Mets thought they could do the same thing in the top of the next inning, waiting until there were two outs to mount a rally. However, all they could muster were two runs, though one of them came through semi-comedic means. Paul LoDuca scored from third when Damion Easley waved at a third-strike curveball that bounced to the wall behind Bengie Molina.


David Wright might want to either change his bat, or add a nice little bat company (such as Akadema) to his list of investments. Wright broke seven sticks over the last two games. That’s what happens when you are too slow in throwing the bat head out on inside pitches. The most alarming issue is that Barry Zito’s 82-MPH pussball broke three of David’s bats.

Barry Bonds survived another day without his HGH-inflated head over-inflating to the point of self-combustion. It is frightening to think what might happen to innocent bystanders from the flying shrapnel of his skull if the eruption occurs in a public place.

Next Game

Tom Glavine will attempt to win his 294th game at some ungodly hour on Tuesday night / early Wednesday morning. We expect that Matt Cain’s abel to take the hill for the Giants.

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  1. fafhrd316 May 8, 2007 at 1:14 am
    I mostly agree about Perez in the 5th inning. He kept getting ahead of the hitters, even after the two hard line drives after the so-called homer. My feel is that after that, he collapsed only when the Mets defense just failed to back him up. Easley and Green botched to very easy plays, and any pitcher would be deflated- and feel like they need to throw perfect pitches- after that. Plus, at that point Perez was tired, both mentally and physically. He should have been out of that inning alot earlier. Easley and Green owe him dinner this week.

    Urdaneta should be sent back to the minors, and they should bring back Burgos. Sorry, Lino, but that 2 run homer you allowed sealed the deal for the Giants in the game. You only needed to get one freaking out and couldn’t handle it, and handed what was still a game to the Giants on a silver platter. Bye, nice knowing you.

    Good call about the umps on that bogus homer, which is starting to really annoy me. I want MLB to start publicly apologizing for the umpires’ bad mistakes, and to make an example out of them. This is the second goddamn time this week the umps have messed up on homer calls with the Mets. I’m tired of it. Fine, designate to minors, suspend, fire, flog, and hang these umpires already. Make an example out of them. End this crap.

    I also didn’t like that “fan” who helped Benji get that homer smiling like that after the homer. What a classless dunce for a classless ‘roid loving team.

  2. joe May 8, 2007 at 8:58 am
    Good points … nothing like dropping the ball (is that a pun?) to bring your pitcher down. Maybe a cooler customer like Tom Glavine could have shaken off the errors and gotten back to the task at hand but Ollie may have tried to do too much. It was surprising that The Jacket didn’t come out and calm him down much sooner than he did.

    I’d be willing to give Urdaneta a few more shots — in non-critical situations — to see what he can do up here. The guy can rev it up around 98 on occasion, so you don’t want to give up on him after one bad outing. He’s 27 years old and doesn’t have anything left to prove in the minors. If he can get MLB hitters out, who knows, he might be a nice trading chip at the deadline. That said, Amby will be back up soon enough … he just needs to get some regular work to hone his control.