2009 Analysis: Ramon Martinez

ramon-martinezYou may be wondering why we’re wasting precious space and bandwidth on Ramon Martinez. Some of you may even be shocked to know we’re referring to a nondescript utility infielder and not Pedro’s older brother.

Well I’m wondering why Ramon Martinez ever suited up for the Mets in 2009. In fact I’m wondering why he was on the roster in September 2008. And now I’m wondering why in the world he is still listed on the Mets’ 40-man roster.

Ramon Martinez is a 37-year-old middle infielder with limited range, below-average arm, and punchless bat. His batting average over the last three seasons in MLB is .192, which is under the Mendoza Line. Mario Mendoza, however, was a very good fielder. Martinez, on the other hand, WAS a very good fielder, about four years ago. Now he’s very good at keeping his goatee tidy.

The Mets pulled Martinez out of retirement when Jose Reyes was put on the DL because, for some reason, they did not want to promote Argenis Reyes. Argenis, after all, was “in the middle of everything” in 2008 (according to the SNY announcers), and would’ve fooled at least a few hundred fans into thinking the “other” Reyes was still playing SS. In any case, Ramon Martinez played in a dozen games before dislocating his pinky, an injury that shelved him for the rest of the season. Seriously?

Eventually, we will see an official announcement that Martinez has been released. Inevitably, the Mets will sign him during the winter as a minor league free agent and invite him to spring training. Some day, someone on the inside will write a tell-all book about the goings-on of the Mets organization, and hopefully there will be a paragraph explaining the team’s infatuation with Ramon Martinez.

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  1. Mike November 2, 2009 at 9:31 am
    “You may be wondering why we’re wasting precious space and bandwidth on Ramon Martinez.”

    Joe, I don’t like it when you clog my inter-tubes with Ramon Martinez. I like my internets neutral and meme-free thank you very much.

    I think Ramon Martinez embodies what has gone so wrong for the past few years with this roster. He should be buried in AAA and the 45th man on the roster if he is in the organization at all. Omar has an infatuation with stars and completely overlooks or undervalues the last 20 or so people on the 40-man roster and it clearly has cost the team. Having league average or better players filling out a 40-man is so easy to do and so crucial to success and Omar completely misses the mark on this one.