Podcast with a Pro On Pitching

Do you know what LHP is the all-time leader with the fewest walks per 9 innings since 1900? Hint: it’s not Johan Santana.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation on pitching with the lefthanded pitcher with the best control in MLB history — former Yankee All-Star Fritz Peterson, which is published as a podcast here:

Fritz Peterson On Pitching

fritz-petersonNo, it has nothing to do with the Mets, and it IS shameless promotion for my other blog about baseball instruction — OnBaseball.com. But many of you may be amateur players, coaches, or the parents of players, in which case my discussion with Fritz may be interesting to you.

The Mets could use a pitcher like Fritz Peterson right now … he regularly took the ball every FOUR days (not five), tossed 250-275 innings a year, posted ERAs in the twos, and had WHIPs right around 1.00. In fact, his WHIP in 1969 — when he threw 272 innings — was UNDER 1 (0.996). Compare those numbers to, say, Ollie Perez (ha!).

Anyway, in our conversation Fritz discusses some of the things he did that helped him be so effective at throwing strikes. Hope you find it helpful and enjoyable.

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