Lackey, Halladay, and the Mets

halladayWithin the next 48 hours, John Lackey will be a member of the Boston Red Sox.

During that same time frame, there is a good chance that Roy Halladay joins the Philadelphia Phillies, while Cliff Lee moves on to Seattle to form — with Felix Hernandez — perhaps one of the most potent lefty-righty starting combinations in MLB since Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling.

Meanwhile, the Mets have announced the signing of Kelvim Escobar to a minor-league contract.

This is a problem, because the Mets need starting pitching, and two of the top targets of the winter will be joining other teams — and a third non-target (Lee) is also moving on. That leaves few, if any, top-notch starters left on the market. In fact, the next-best healthy starting pitcher available is Derek Lowe, and there’s little chance of the Braves trading Lowe to an NL East rival.

Where do the Mets go from here, and what’s left to pursue?

Prior to Lackey’s signing, second-tier free agents Randy Wolf, Brad Penny, and Rich Harden all found new clubs. The “best of the rest” that are still available on the free agent market include Ben Sheets, Joel Pineiro, Jarrod Washburn, Brett Myers, Jon Garland, and Erik Bedard. You may want to extend that selection to Jason Marquis, Vicente Padilla, and Doug Davis. In any case, it’s not terribly promising — a mix of highly risky “lottery tickets” (Sheets, Bedard), questionable enigmas (Pineiro, Myers), and mediocre innings-eaters (everyone else).

Lackey going to the Bosox means Jason Bay likely won’t return to Boston, but also likely means that Mike Cameron will be in Fenway in 2010. Additionally, the loss of Lackey by the Angels means there’s budget for Bay or Matt Holliday. Further, there is a lot of buzz suggesting that Seattle is the most likely landing place for Bay — which means the Angels may set their sights on Holliday.

If all that proves true, the Mets will miss out on the top pitchers and outfielders on the free agent market, as well as an outfielder that some thought would be a good fit in Citi Field (Cameron).

True, it’s a rather weak free agent class this winter, with most of the better players signing over-valued contracts. But there’s a big dropoff after the top names, with the remainder exhibiting significant risk. Further, the Mets have very little — if anything — to offer in trade.

Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but the events of the past 24 hours have set the dominoes in motion, and in the end, the Mets are left holding an empty bag. If everything occurs as expected, the Mets will need to be more cunning, creative, resourceful, and lucky than they’ve ever been in their history in order to significantly improve their club — in a winter when their division leader and NL Champion has already improved upon a superior ballclub.

Unless something great happens very quickly, it’s looking to be an unsatisfactory Christmas for Mets fans.

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  1. TheDZA December 15, 2009 at 10:17 am
    For me Halladay to Phils is the nail in the coffin. That guy is the Terminator.

    I like the thought of getting some arms on the cheap – guys who were injured/something to prove but as you point out Joe, the Mets are going to need luck. Maybe they saved up some Karma points last season with all the injuries.

    The flipside to this (as we well know) is splurging massive contracts on players ‘just to be seen to be doing something’. Someone mentioned on a previous post about wanting to see the plan…well now would be a good time Omar.

  2. Harry Chiti December 15, 2009 at 10:37 am
    DZA: You saw the plan. There was no plan. They sniffed every player out there, wasted time trying to trade Castillo for no valid reason, and never got serious with anything.
  3. Mike December 15, 2009 at 10:48 am
    I’m not convinced the Phillies actually improved themselves with this. I see it as a lateral movement. Halladay was only was only marginally better than Lee based on WAR (7.2 vs 6.8) (yes in a very tough division, but he also tailed off in the second half). Lee has proven he can pitch in Philly and performed in the playoffs. Will Halladay? Likely but who knows?

    As for the Mets options: I growing increasingly concerned they will be forced to make a splash for the sake of making a splash like trading the only young pieces they actually have. The Mets have always foregone the now player for the future player in trades since I’ve been a fan (1995). Okay forget generation K (something that still likely effects this front office). My point is where has that gotten them? All the teams (99, 00, 06) that got close were anchored by homegrown talent. There is a good reason for this. The Mets need to sit on things this off season. The market was bare and it was a seller’s market. Keeping away from more bad contracts and overpaying for talent is not the answer and neither is trading away what pieces they have.

    Sign an innings eater at a reasonable contract, sign a high reward pitcher (sheets) and fill the roster with the Ryan Garko’s of the world

  4. isuzudude December 15, 2009 at 11:11 am
    I’m not totally sold that acquiring Halladay is any upgrade for the Phillies, because in the process they traded away their ace in Cliff Lee. Lee may not have the track record or hooplah surrounding him like Halladay, but he proved to be perfect for the team after being traded from Cleveland. Maybe the Phils preferred a righty to pair with Cole Hamels, but the Lee/Hamels duo seemed to operate just fine together in ’09. And in the end, both Lee and Halladay could be 20 game winners in Philly with sub-3.00 ERAs, so why feel the need to swap out one for the other? Especially when Lee is cheaper and wouldn’t have meant trading away more top prospects. Because now, looking back, it will have taken the Phils Carlos Carrasco, Lou Marson, Jason Donald, and likley Michael Taylor and either Kyle Drabek or JA Happ, plus a $60M contract extension, to land Halladay. They have gutted their system for one player. That is a huge pricetag, and leads me to believe the Phils are starting to make moves just to make moves to try and rectify their loss in the WS. Maybe it’s just me, but the difference between Halladay and Lee is just not great enough to have gone to these lengths.

    It does look good for the Phils that no $100M extension was needed, and I know Met fans who wanted Halladay are going to be upset. But the Mets obviously did not have the horses to compete with the Phillies in the race for Halladay. So no use crying over spilt milk.

    Also, the Red Sox can have Lackey for $17M per year. That’s ace-like money for a guy with a history of arm problems and a career ERA of 3.81. No thanks. I know it sucks the Mets are missing out on all the top names this winter, but it’s probably for the better. Why would you want to be locked in to an over-valued contract with somebody who has too high of a probability of turning into an albatross or a liability? It’s not like Lackey or Halladay by themselves were upgrading the Mets from a 71 win team to a 91 win team. As we’ve discussed before, there are far too many holes to fix in one winter, so it probably behooves the Mets to spend cautiously and wait until the free agent class improves next offseason. If 2010 is going to be a write-off anyway, why not be ultra-conservative now so that we have the upper hand next winter? Matt Holliday, Jason Bay, and Bengie Molina would all be nice, but, for their asking prices, they are far from the ideal solutions, and yet signing them for 2010 may make next season look rosier, but they would also handcuff the Mets in their abilities to get REAL difference makers next offseason. I’m not against signing any of the 3, or even the likes of Jason Marquis, Joel Piniero, Jon Garland, Erik Bedard, Mark DeRosa, etc, but their prices have to be adjusted to their true value, and not the value of the market in which they are seeking employment in. Otherwise, the Mets are just caving to their demands and sinking themselves farther into the depths of mediocrity with no escape route. There are enough bargains still left on the market now to give the Mets a chance at saving their money while fielding a competitive team in 2010, and, unless the Mets are able to wait out and talk down the big names that remain available, that would be the direction I go in.

  5. gary s. December 15, 2009 at 11:49 am
    dude, good points, especially about lee for halliday being a wash.the troubling part about what has happenned the last few days is that the teams that made moves had a plan to improve the team.i’m okay with the mets signing bay amd molina and signing a ben sheets or wang to incentive would make us better going forward.but i feel, whoever they get at this point will be a reaction to other teams moves AFTER they have gone down amd to quiet the fan base and to sell ticket me that is not a real plan and we will not make the playoffs until we become proactive and make other teams react to our moves ..
  6. Andy December 15, 2009 at 12:28 pm
    I think the Mets need to buy Yu Darvish’s contract from the Ham Fighters.
  7. Zack December 15, 2009 at 1:05 pm
    Sad day for mets fans. Well hopefully they sign some pitcher, get bay, trade Castillo (which I didn’t want to do originally), and get molina on a 2 year deal and at least I will feel such spot of hope.
  8. Mic December 15, 2009 at 1:29 pm
    The problem is as Harry says …there is no plan. Everything points to mass confusion in the office. Hopefully Wayne Krivsky can be a voice and push thru some decisions.

    1. molina wants 3 yrs…deja vu all over again. If so go with yorvit for 1+ or 2yrs.

    2. Bay: all he has to do is replace Delgado (statistically) and I think he can. But first lets get him signed.

  9. IveMetFan December 15, 2009 at 5:08 pm
    Me and Izuzudude finally agree on something!LOL. I was all for trading for Halladay to the Mets and doing everything we could to strengthen the pitching which should be the Mets number 1 priority this season. But, here is where I start to agree with Izuzudude I would go with pitching depth this year and save the money for next years free agent crop. Which to me is way better. The Cardinals are going to sign Holliday to a 8 year deal worth over 130 million. Which makes it hard for them to sign Pujols next year. I would save my pennies this year get some pitching depth with type B free agents and high risk high reward pitching. Then, go for a Pujols type free agent and over pay.

    Molina is not going to help. His numbers would go down due to Citifields dimensions and his defense is not that good to justify the 3 years he wants. A 1 year deal I’ll take it as a stop gap to Thole.

    Bay/Holliday are overvalued in a poor free agent market. Those two do not bring much to the table for the Mets as far as what the Mets need. The Mets need speed and defense in the outfield and Linedrive hitters who get on base and steal 30-40 bases. Not poor defensive players who are going to prevent you from getting pitching because of there high contracts. Bay/Hollidays power numbers would go down as well. Just ask David Wright.

    Solid Pitching, Defense, Speed and Patience is what is going to win for the Mets. Get pitching depth a Jason Marquis who eats innings wins games wants to come to the Mets and pitched and won in Coors Field. Citifield would definetly help him. He would be the number 3 starter. Sliding Pelfrey to 4th and Niese and Oliver can battle out the 5th spot. Maine should head to the bullpen. He can’t seem to pitch pass 5 innings anyway. He can pitch and use his best stuff for 1 inning and set up for K Rod and strengthen the bullpen that much more.

    Move Murphy to second he is perfect for second. He is gritty, has the right attitude being that he would move, he would dive for balls, wont be afraid of runners turning double plays and he has a decent glove and showed range and first this year.

    If we sign a Marquis take a chance on Wang and Bedard. Move Murphy and Maine sign a Nady or Chavez type player to back up Pagan until FMART is promoted and sign Delgado as a 1 year stop gap for Ike Davis. Then the Mets save money they add pitching depth and take one more crack at it with the complete 2006-2009 team. After 2010 we have a Pujols to sign and Ike Davis and FMart would be patrolling the OF. Murphy at second and Thole behind the plate with Pagan as our 4th outfield.

    2010 is a stop gap season for 2011. Lets not get desperate and do something drastic jus for the sake of making a move.

    The Mets front office mistake to the fans is that they are not giving us a clear cut plan. If they say look we are waiting for 2011 when better free agents are available. Well take a shot at Pujols Beckett Webb or Lee and the bring the young guys up then Met fans can deal with that. As long as they use this year to improve the Pitching Depth.

  10. Mike December 15, 2009 at 5:29 pm
    I like how the tone of the commentors on this forum are beginning to switch over to my side and look towards 2011. This is good news because if the fan base is smart enough to not force this team to make a bad decision then it will be for the best. Don’t kid yourselves Mets fans you do have power. The Wilpons listen to WFAN and monitor the intertubes for Mets related chatter. If the consensus of the fan base is don’t do anything stupid, get all the pitching you can for reasonable prices, and wait till next year, then I think that is exactly what will happen.
  11. isuzudude December 15, 2009 at 5:56 pm
    My philosophies regarding this offseason and what team I would field for the 2010 season are quite unpopular, thus the reason you and a handful of others are going to find it easy to disagree with me, and vice versa. I’m glad we can find at least a little bit of common ground.

    I believe you are right that Holliday and Bay are not suited defensively for CitiField, and thus aren’t going to live up to the hype and dollar amount they would demand. And if I were Omar, I’d pass on both unless they become available somehow on a 1-yr deal, a la Manny Ramirez last offseason. I’d take a chance on one or the other for $15M in 2010 to see if they can handle Citi’s LF, as well as the bright lights of NY, and if they don’t, the Mets have instant trade bait and are done with the commitment after just one season. But I doubt that scenario will play out, so let’s move along.

    I also agree that the max deal the Mets should give Molina is for 1-yr, maybe with an option for 2011. In any other offer the Mets are only outbidding themselves, and handcuffing their ability to land a BIG fish (Mauer, VMart, Doumit) next winter.

    Regarding Marquis, again, I’m not totally against signing him, but not for $10M+ per year, which I’m afraid he’s going to command. Randy Wolf got about $10M per year from Milwaukee, and I’d say Marquis is very much on the same plane as Wolf. So I can see Marquis looking for a similar or better contract. And if that’s the case, I’m sorry, but I’m passing on Marquis. I like his durability and the fact that he’s a hometown guy, but I don’t like his ERA, I don’t like his 2nd half from 2009, and I don’t like his poor W-L record despite routinely playing for playoff teams. To me, his negatives too greatly outweigh his positives to spend $10M+ per year for.
    I’m also not so sure about moving Maine to the bullpen because, as discussed on this site in the past, relief work is not necessarily any less demanding than starting work just because you’re pitching less per appearance. The stress of warming up often and appearing in 50+ games could be too much for Maine’s cranky shoulder to handle, so I’d be much more willing to let some other team try to convert Maine into a reliever. To me, along with Pagan and Francoeur (whom I don’t want to move), Maine is the Mets’ best trade peice this winter. His future as a starter is murky and his health is always a question, but his finish to 2009 and his age are enough to entice someone to trade for him. I’d revisit Corey Hart or Juan Rivera to see if a deal could be struck. Yes, that leaves the Mets worse off as far as starting pitching is concerned, but that’s why I’m also in favor of looking into as many low cost/high risk/high reward pitchers as possible. It’s rumored Kelvim Escobar will be a Met, and that’s a start. But I’m also fond of Erik Bedard, Vincente Padilla, Chein Ming Wang, and Jarrod Washburn, and if you can bring 2 of them into camp, that gives the Mets insurance behind Johan/Ollie/Pelfrey/Niese, and whoever else can be signed at a reasonable price (Garland, Piniero, Sheets). It’s a lot of gambling and a lot of crossing of fingers, but the talent currently out there is not worth the asking price, and I’d much rather save my money until better talent comes along than waste it on mediocre talent now so that the Mets can be a 75 win team in 2010 instead of a 70 win team.

    I’m not seeing Murphy at 2B. Just because he’s gritty and would dive for balls doesn’t mean he won’t be a disappointment. Additionally, any move of Murphy to 2B supplants Luis Castillo, and Castillo is making too much money to get equal value in a trade for, or to become a bench player. If you want Murphy to learn 2B on the job, let him do it in AAA and not with the Mets.

    As far as the other positions, I’m all for being as thrifty as possible, again in an attempt to bolster our chances of landing a real difference maker for 2011. Giving 1-yr, incentive laiden contracts to Molina for C, Delgado for 1B, Dye or Hart or Rivera for LF, and Garko for the bench keeps the Mets competitive for 2010, yet free to manuever in 2011. I’m not particularly fond of Nady because he’s coming off of TJ surgery which means he’ll have absolutely no throwing arm. He’s a DH nowadays and I’d prefer to steer clear.

    My projected 2010 team would undoubtedly struggle, especially in the ever-strengthening NL East. But by giving out no long term contracts to aging veterans, mediocre talent, or injury prone players, the Mets would find themselves with lots of money to spend in a projected buyers’ market next offseason. If all it takes is one more rough season to strike paydirt, I’m more than willing to write off 2010 for greener pastures in 2011 and beyond.

  12. gary s. December 15, 2009 at 6:13 pm
    ivemetfan, please forget about murphy ever playing 2nd in mlb..he’s a butcher. mike, waiting for 2011 might not be a bad idea except u have 2 trust the fools in the front office 2 sign the right f.a.’s..good if the team stinks nobody will buy tickets.the wilpons will never let that happen..look for bay and molina under the christmas tree for christmas.that should generate some ticket plan sales for the wilnots. than pray maine and perez (yikes) can combine for 20 plus wins..
  13. IveMetFan December 15, 2009 at 6:39 pm
    Gary S, why is Murphy a butcher? Calling a player a butcher doesn’t make them a butcher. Daniel Murphy was a third baseman in the minors then he got blocked by David Wright. The Mets were dumb enough to try Murphy a natural infielder in LF but aren’t dumb enough to train him at second. It is not like he has to judge fly balls. It still having to field a ground ball no matter how you put it. Sure its tough to make the switch but its not like Murphy never played second. He played second in the minors and in the arizona fall league. He has said to be a capable second baseman and he is hard nose and would be willing to work hard at being the best he can be at second. He played a decent first base this season showed range and showed he can field a ground ball. So jus because you say he is a butcher doesn’t mean he can’t do the job. I mean how bad could he be? We are dealing with Castillo now who prolly isn’t much better at this point in his career. If Murphy can play and OK second we can deal with that with his above average hitting at that position.

    The Mets need to undo their mistakes and get rid of Castillo. And put Murphy at second to give him a full year under his belt so that when we hit the free agent market in 2011 he is established at least a little bit. Get rid of Castillo eat alot of the contract call it a loss like Boston did with Lowell and lets get some minor league prospects for Castillo from the Dodgers. We eat most of the contract, rid ourselves of Castillo, admit it was a mistake and stock up on a few minor league players. Which allows us to move Murphy to the position he belongs. It would be to Murphy’s benefit if he worked hard at being a decent second baseman because he has not value as a DH/1B. Unless he wants to ride the bench his whole career or takes some steroids that give him the ability to hit 30-35 (I don’t recommend he do that but you get my drift) he is an above average second baseman as a hitter he is a below average hitting firstbaseman. Period

  14. CatchDog December 15, 2009 at 6:43 pm
    Now we’re signing Pujols ???

    With Murphy playing an All Star caliber second and Ike Davis and FMart patroling the outfield, we might as well go ALL OUT next season and grab Mauer to catch…

  15. IveMetFan December 15, 2009 at 10:48 pm
    CatchDog you are a typical Mets fan who moans and cries with no solutions or positive attitude. Your the type of fan who is crying for a JASON BAY OR MATT HOLLIDAY!!! Give me a break. Those two couldn’t hold Pujols jock strap. Why waste money on them. There slow no defense can’t steal bases and would not be able to cover all the ground in Citifield. And their power numbers would drop by more than a few hrs.

    Mets fans are content with SETTELING for BAY/HOLLIDAY and over look their poor defensive skills but we wont give Murphy a try at second. No one said he’ll be a gold glove caliber second baseman a servicable one would be fine. He could however make an all star team for his bat at second. As a reserve to Utley. The Mets were OK for trying him in LF but second base is forbidden? Doesn’t make sense.

    As far as Pujols why couldnt we get Pujols in 2011? If the Cardinals sign Holliday to that RIDICULOUS BORIS DEAL then what money would they have to sign Pujols to a monster contract? The Mets could save money now by not signing defensive liabilities who are over paid and putting that money towards aquiring a Pujols type player in 2011. Money talks. Not signing a big free agent position fielder or pitcher helps us not hurts.

    Ike Davis is said to have a cannon for an arm so whas wrong with him playing outfield. And we might as well give FMart another shot at starting since we seem not to want to trade him for anyone.

    Everyother team is always willing to move players around for the good of the team but when it comes to the Mets we always seem reluctant to do so. So what if we got burned a few times. Mike Cameron and Murphy in LF to name the recent ones. But that doesn’t mean you stop trying. Try until you find something that works. This is the year to do so. This year we jus want to prove we are Healthy and Improve the rotation and just wait til 2011 when Ike and Fmart and Thole come up to start the next chapter in Mets baseball. Hopefully we would have enough money to OVER PAY FOR ALBERT PUJOLS OR JOE MAUER EITHER OR BECKETT OR WEBB ONE OF THOSE FREE AGENTS WOULD MAKE AN IMPACT LONG TERM. NOT BAY/HOLLIDAY OR LACKEY.

  16. gary s. December 16, 2009 at 12:47 am
    i’ll try this one more time..they tried murphy at second in the winter leagues and he couldn’t play second base.that’s why they moved him to left.he is adequate at first.i guess u see something in murphy that nobody else does.i’m not crazy about signing bay or molina, but we have zilch right now in left and behind the plate.i will say this about murphy though.the chances of him starting at 2nd base in the all star game are greater than the cards not resigning pujols.. thanks for the entertaining posts.i like your optimism..
  17. sincekindergarten December 16, 2009 at 6:28 am
    Ya know what would make me happy?

    An ownership group that had the intestinal fortitude to tell the truth to the fans.

    It all statrs at the top. The Wilpons, Jeff being the lead jester, are deluding themselves if they think that the fans don’t see the holes, and see through the smokescreen put out by ownership and the FA. Blaming the FA in this instance is foolish, if they’re just following orders issued by the owners’ suite.

    If the team has “a bunch of holes,” [i]tell us.[/i] Don’t insult our intelligence by saying that “the Mets are one or two pieces away,” when we [i]know[/i] that there’s about double that number of needs on the team (that need to be met).

    Start with something that Billy Joel sang about–“Honesty.”

  18. IveMetFan December 16, 2009 at 7:29 am
    Sincekindergarden, exactly if the Mets ownership were to tell us. “Look Mets Fans we are going to go after B list free agent pitchers we are going to sign as much pitching as possible and see who can become a viable number 3 starter and maybe just maybe a Sheets or Bedard or Wang can return to form and be a number 2. We dont think the freeagents this year are adequate enough talent to help our team for the money they will aquire. We would have to over pay for talent we dont think will make our team that much better. We want to give you the best players as well as start to weed in our farm system in 2011. This year we give our farm talent one more year to play in the minors and we will bring them up in 2011 as well as go for the best players available in 2011 freeagent class who we feel are a class above this years freeagents and would restore respectablity as well as the things we need to win.

    I think if the Mets explained it like that then we would be more understanding. I dont know if the Mets are thinking like that but I am happy with the none moves cause it seems to be going in the direction we said above. IKE DAVIS FMART THOLE DAVID WRIGHT REYES MURPHY AT SECOND I AM HAPPY WITH THAT. If we add a PUJOLS OR BECKETT OR WEBB OR LEE WITH THE MONEY WE SAVE THIS OFFSEASON I AM EVEN HAPPIER. WE FILL OUR POSITIONS WITH CHEAP PLAYERS WHO CAME FROM THE FARM AND CAN PRODUCE AND WE SIGN SOME SURE THING IN 2011.


  19. IveMetFan December 16, 2009 at 7:51 am
    Gary S. you dont seem to get it. The Mets played him at second in the minors. He played a significant amount of games in the minors and in the Arizona fall league. Check out his numbers. The Mets tried him in LF in the majors but wouldnt try him at second base in the majors. It wasnt because he couldnt play second base it was because Castillo got his RIDICULOUS 4 YEAR DEAL!!! Not because he cant field a ball at second. You think the Mets felt he could track a fly ball down better than he can get to a ground ball when he is a natural infielder. Naturally he would be more comfortable going for a ground ball.
    And as far as All Star…You seem to leave out my explanation for why I say that. He can be an All Star for his bat. Then I said as a reserve for Utley. Dan Ugla made an all star game and his defense was horrendous at second. As a matter of fact he made 3 errors during that all star game. I dont see why giving him 1 year at second in a year we arent going to win the series anyway is going to hurt. I understand not getting rid of Castillo last year but this year he has value and only 2 years left at 12 million we can eat some of the contract and call it a loss.

    Pujols is going to demand a Monster contract id say if Texiera got 180 + mill than Pujols is at least 30 40 million more. Cardinals are not the Yankees they are not going to invest that much money in 2 players. The Mets would have money saved from not spending to much this offseason and we can blow away Pujols with a lucrative offer. So if Murphy hits like he is capable and plays and OK not great defense at second he can make an All star team as a reserve Id take those that situation over the Cardinals resigning Pujols if they keep Holliday.

    Wright 3B
    Reyes SS
    Murphy 2B
    Pujols 1b
    Thole C
    Davis RF
    FMart LF
    Beltran CF

    Hopefull a Healthy Wang Sheets or Bedard.

    Maine in the bullpen
    KRod as the closer

    Solid Team
    Solid Pitching
    Money is Spend in the RIGHT PLACES.


  20. CatchDog December 16, 2009 at 10:24 am

    Here’s a few facts regarding Dan Murphy’s “career” at second base. In 259 games in the minor leagues, Dan Murphy played a total of 17 games at second base. He committed 5 errors in those 17 games.

    Daniel played a total of 15 games at second in the Arizona Fall League last year, committing 4 errors.

    There is a lot more to playing second base that “diving for balls”. Please don’t let your opinions get in the way of facts. And the fact is : Dan Murphy is NOT a second baseman.

    In the three weeks that you have been posting on this site, you’ve bounded in every conceivable direction. One week, you’re trading Pelfry and Fmart and the next week you’re opining that they’re part of the future of home grown players. Which one is it?

    Furthermore, you’ve done a great job of calling out fellow bloggers (Isuzudude, Gary, Harry, John and myself) who tend to disagree with you. In fact, calling me “a typical Met fan who cries and moans” is flat out ignorant. That said, before typing another 2000 word post, you might just want to consider that perhaps your point of view is NOT the only opinion that matters. Oh, and backing up your opinion with facts would tend to give your reasoning a bit more credibility.

  21. Harry Chiti December 16, 2009 at 10:38 am
    Besides having no knowledge about Daniel Murphy’s and his inability to field at 2nd and at 3rd, you are also wrong about the Mets signing Pujols next year, since he isn’t a free agent for two more years, and even if he were the Mets won’t sign him, contract will be too long, too muvch $$ blah blah blah…. Think he’s signing for less than AROD money? You also make another bad assumption… You assume that everyone who is a good player will not be signed by thewir team during the year. You also assume that every prospect you single out to be the enxt star will pan out. Thole is a singles hoitter who’s defense is suspect, Davis had one half of a good year in AA. You are wrong on so many thoughts.
  22. mic December 16, 2009 at 10:44 am

    On a different slant, (same topic)..endorsing joe’s story is a post on MLB rumors. In updating the Mets, the post ,’ quotes’ omar as saying they made an offer for Halladay, and were in on lackey.

    Is this 1995 again when Cone, Biggio and Dave Wells were declining Met offers ? Probably not. but its clear the Mets need to up the ante.

    I dont care for Halladay. I think santana is better and he has been mortalized by JM. I agree that sheets possibly even Baddard if healthy could be as good an addition….BUT that’s a huge IF

  23. gary s. December 16, 2009 at 11:08 am
    mic, i agree with u that minaya is in cover my butt mode by saying they were “trying” to get halliday and lackey.if i was john lackey and i got a similar offer from the sox and the mets, i wouldn’t even think of coming to the mets.the redsox have a gm and a top manager in place and have a plan to win every year.we have a team with a manager and a gm who will be fired by memorial day if we aren’t can this not factor in to f.a.’s not wanting to play here??if bay signs elsewhere that will completely prove my thoughts on this.i think the bay offer is half baked.if they really wanted him he would have been signed by now..