HoJo is Safe !

Contrary to the previous report posted right here, Howard Johnson’s job as hitting coach is safe — for the moment.

Turns out the Mets’ management is completely dysfunctional and in as much disarray as you might imagine.

Somehow, some way, someone convinced somebody that making a change right now was not the right decision.

That said, the coaching staff will indeed remain intact — HoJo included.

In other words, after Omar Minaya told the world that everyone was under review, and after the Mets front office admitted publicly that they were “in discussions” for all of Monday, the final decision was that no change was necessary. Apparently, the final assessment from the “brain trust” is that the team, the coaching staff, and the management as currently constituted is competent, capable, and poised to make a miraculous run over the next 60 games to push the Mets into the postseason and challenge for a World Championship.

And why would we think otherwise?

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  1. Paul July 27, 2010 at 12:02 am
    Maybe somebody realized that firing the coaches now was pointless?
  2. Mic July 27, 2010 at 7:43 am
    So lets reveiw dare compadres.
    2009: wash. Oh but Colorado makes the playoffs …AFTER FIRING A MANAGER…
    2008: milwaukee makes WC by 1 game over Mets ….AFTER FIRING A MANAGER ..with a week to go.
    2007: colorado makes WS….after Mets fire manager, and Colorado basically wins their last 30 games to make the playoffs by 1 game…..

    As for the above statements…that was akin to a ‘no comment’. The coaches are NOT safe and neither are players….including Barajas who I think is also a deadline chip.