Reyes Passes Foster, Wright After Flynn

Greg from Faith and Fear in Flushing pointed out that Jose Reyes collected the 600th hit of his career over the weekend (he now has 604), and that David Wright is one hit shy of 500. Further, Greg noted that since July 21, 2004 — the day Wright debuted — the players are only 8 hits apart (491 for Jose to David’s 499).

New York Mets second baseman Doug FlynnAlso noted by Greg was that Reyes’ single in the first inning last night sent him past George Foster to #23 in all-time hits as a Met. Meanwhile, Wright’s next hit will tie him with the career output of the slugging second baseman of the 1970s, Doug Flynn, for 34th all-time.

You know things are bad when chasing a Doug Flynn offensive record brings a smile to your face.

Consider yourself lucky if you have no idea who Doug Flynn was — those were some lean and difficult years for Mets fans. About the only interesting thing about the Mets back then was that in 1982, they often had a lineup that went like this: Stearns-Foster-Brooks. Of course, if you never slept on a Stearns and Foster mattress, and never saw a Dean Martin roast, then you wouldn’t get the fun of that lineup. I always thought the Mets should have traded for Bill Robinson for no other reason than to bat behind Brooks and make things really silly.

Speaking of silly, check out Jose Valentin’s new girlfriend. I’ve always thought The Stache’s blog was much better than D-Wright’s.

And if that isn’t enough to get you laughing in these hard times, visit Metstradamus for a condensed, video version of El Duque’s performance.

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