Mets Game 125: Win Over Marlins

Mets 6 Marlins 5

They’re not dead yet!

The Mets came from behind in dramatic fashion, as the beleaguered Luis Castillo stroked a game-winning blooper in the bottom of the ninth to drive home Ike Davis with the winning run.

The situation was set up the inning before, when Angel Pagan stretched a single into a double and raced home on a base hit by Carlos Beltran to tie the ballgame.

Both the Braves and the Phillies lost, so the Mets picked up a game on both in the standings!

Game Notes

I heard the Mets won — listened on the radio — but didn’t see it, so don’t have much from an analysis perspective. This game must have been fun to watch (it was thrilling to listen to), yet how many actually did? Too bad it didn’t happen in May, when people were still paying attention. With the Mets more or less out of the race, the team usually playing more lackluster than they did in this contest, and the NFL season coming soon, people are finding better things to do than pay attention to the futiles of Flushing.

If you didn’t listen on the radio, you missed a gem at the very end by Howie Rose, after Castillo’s game-winner, as his teammates rushed from the dugout to congratulate him:

“No one’s ever loved a pounding as much as the one Castillo is getting right now ….”

That right there almost made it worth listening.

Angel Pagan went 4-for-5 with 2 doubles, his 31st stolen base, and 3 runs scored. Beltran went 2-for-3 with 2 RBI and 2 walks. Perhaps he is getting hot and will put the Mets on his back and carry him to a playoff spot?

Jeff Francoeur drove in 2 runs with two sac flies.

Gaby Sanchez hit a homer and a double and drove in four of the five Fish runs.

In unrelated news, lifelong Dodger fan Rod Barajas fulfilled his childhood dream of wearing an LA uniform and went 3-for-5 with a three-run homer. He did that once for the Mets a few months ago, I believe.

Next Mets Game

Mets and Fish play again in Flushing on Wednesday night at 7:10 PM. Pat Misch goes against Alex Sanabia, whoever that is.

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  1. Walnutz15 August 25, 2010 at 12:12 pm
    That was actually from Cohen — on SNY, no? Maybe you heard the clip on B&C this morning…they were going on and on about it, and how disinterested Luis looked after he won the game.

    As for myself……I was whooping it up in the Excelsior Level after he single-handedly kept our playoff hopes alive!!! — ok, I was there, but not really as enthused.

    In fact, my sentiment was more or less embodied by Castillo…apathy, due to the player that won the game. Too many unlikeable players on this roster, and I can’t wait until many are gone.

    Speaking of which…”Stenchy” StanKoeur comes up to the plate these days to Rihanna.

    I listened to the cued-up portion of the slower-than-slow version of the song that played throughout 5 AB’s:

    “Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
    That’s alright because I love the way you lie
    I love the way you lie”

    Possibly a message to management?

    The song is so ridiculously out of place for walk-up music….good thing I was close enough to be able to let him know he should burn his iPod.

    “INTERESTING CHOICE: The song that accompanied New York Mets’ right fielder Jeff Francoeur’s walk to the plate Tuesday night was about the failure to control your temper and domestic violence, which is probably not the best choice two weeks after your team’s closer was arrested for allegedly losing control of his emotions and beating up his girlfriend’s father. The song was Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie.”

    ^ From ESPN this morning.

    Above all else, I was happy to see a Met win – and our brick outside the rotunda with my mother and brother. Hadn’t been there with Ma-Dukes yet….and if it’s the only game she ever attends there, at least they won. LOL