Dodgers Get Manny For Nuttin’

You may have seen that the Chicago White Sox claimed Manny Ramirez on waivers.

You may also have noticed that the Dodgers asked for absolutely nothing in return — the ChiSox took on Manny and the remaining $4M of his contract free and clear.

I know, I know — it’s all moot now, since the Mets are a dozen games behind. But when Manny first went on waivers, Omar Minaya insisted the Mets still “had a chance” at making the playoffs. Without a shadow of a doubt, the one glaring issue holding them back at the time was a lack of offensive production. For all the baggage Manny brings to a team, he also brings a big bat. Even in his current underperforming state, he still would have walked into Flushing as the best hitter in the lineup. And getting him would not have cost a prospect, as so many fans had been concerned about. It would’ve cost nothing, in fact, except the one thing the Mets supposedly have: cash.

But the Mets didn’t claim him. Therefore, Minaya lied about believing the team was still “in it” and Jeff Wilpon also lied, since he consistently insisted that money was not an issue. Because if indeed the Mets had money to spend, and believed they could still salvage September, Manny would have been a Met right now.

On the one hand, it doesn’t matter because we all knew long ago that this team wouldn’t be playing October games. But on the other hand, it does matter because yet again the ownership and management has played us for fools.

Thank you sir, may I have another?

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  1. nick September 1, 2010 at 8:47 am
    You can’t get angry when the front office makes stupid personnel decisions and then turn around and get angry when they DON’T make stupid personnel decisions.

    I get that you’re using this opportunity to highlight the ridiculous argument from the front office that the Mets are still competitive. Fine. But adding Manny is a terrible idea in either case. Why would you want to mix an unstable, prima donna to our already dysfunctional ingredients, not to mention the inevitable resigning discussions? Manny couldn’t find the effort to play in LA, he sure isn’t going to produce in our accountability free environment.

    I know there isn’t much going with this team, but how about an analysis of our new call ups, Meija and Duda?

    • Joe Janish September 1, 2010 at 12:28 pm
      IF Omar and Jeff were serious about “making a run” at the postseason, Manny’s baggage has absolutely nothing to do with the decision — unless you seriously believe the Mets have something wonderful going on in the clubhouse right now.

      Whatever dysfunction Manny brings would have been peanuts compared to the garbage we’ve seen from this organization over the last three years — from Jeff Wilpon’s outright lies and shirking of responsibility to Omar’s public attacks on beat writers to Tony Bernazard’s multiple issues to Jerry Manuel’s perpetual throwing players under the bus to the horrendous treatment of injured players by management to general malaise and quitting by various players.

      BTW Gary Sheffield was supposed to destroy the wonderful, beautiful atmosphere of the Mets’ clubhouse and precious image also, and he turned out to be a positive in comparison to the other disasters of 2009.

      • metsie September 1, 2010 at 5:55 pm
        So you want to get rid of “HOBBLED” Beltran (who BTW won’t be so hobbled next year when the Brace comes off) for Often Injured always complaining diva named Ramirez? Who hasn’t been able to stay anywhere he has been? Not even for LA who has a better shot than us to make the playoffs this year?

        For what one or two more wins THIS year?

        Guess thinking like that works in your stratomatic game but it would be a foolish thing to do with a real team!

        He won’t hit for power in Citifield either so you will be calling for the head of the guy who brought him here next year…
        Bring a mirror when you want to fire that guy face to face!

        • Joe Janish September 2, 2010 at 12:08 am
          What makes you think that the brace will come off next year? Are you Beltran’s doctor? Wishful thinking — though, Omar Minaya has been using just that kind of logic to plan the roster every year since 2005.

          As for whether or not Manny hits for power in Citi Field, who cares? He’ll still hit over .300 and drive in runs. And if Manny doesn’t have the power to hit the ball over the fence at Citi Field, what makes you think Beltran does?

          Regarding that mirror trick you suggest, I will be sure to try it — though it may require some smoke as well … which also reminds me of Omar Minaya’s strategies.

  2. Mike September 1, 2010 at 9:09 am
    It is technically possible that the Mets just don’t believe Manny is a good player anymore, or worth the head ache. He also can’t play defense.

    But mostly I’m with Joe that I dislike being lied to. There is no transparency. Theo Epstein makes a deal that appears to be waiving the white flag and he basically tells the reporters that the guy they traded was useless to them and the guy they got will help in the future because the Sox were going to draft him and were following him since (and now has insane peripherals). Minaya says things like “going young is impossible in this market.” #$%@ OFF Minaya! Not only can you go young, you already are you twit. There is no way he will be back in the same position next year, the Wilpons have to feel the egg in their face… right? ….right?

  3. metsie September 1, 2010 at 10:34 am
    Sometimes I think people simply complain about these not made deals because they were looking forward to having someone else a year from now to complain about when the FO hasn’t cut their losses and cut them yet because they are a roster problem!

    First off what would be the point of paying Manny?
    So we could move even lower in the draft order next year?

    He certainly wasn’t going to get us in the playoffs and he really had no place to play next year unless we traded Beltran or Bay which would require us throwing even more dollars away!

    Rosters are expanding and if we do not have a clear shot at the playoffs we need to use the time that is left evaluating the young guys we are going to rely on if we DO manage to shed the wasted payroll everyone has been complaining about.

    With the trade of Frenchy we now have our OF set barring a trade. Pagan, Bay and Beltran will be the OF next year. Now we need to look at Mejia and see if he is capable of being a rotation guy and look to see if we can find a 2B who can give usthe defense and the hitting we need to make Castillo expendable.

    That will allow us the financial freedom to pursue someone like Cliff Lee in the offseason and if that happens we can either trade Pelfrey or Niese for bullpen help and maybe a decent hitting 2B to complete the infield.

    I do hope Ike goes to the winter league to work on his hitting. He hasn’t been the Davis that came up since the All STar break. But if he can get back into the groove he was in when he first bcame up there is no reason why this team won’t score runs next year.

    • Joe Janish September 1, 2010 at 12:36 pm
      The point of paying Manny would have been to help make the Mets a bit better offensively than they were in 1977. If you haven’t noticed the lack of offense has been the most glaring weakness in the second half of 2010.

      Why couldn’t Manny play LF next year? I’d rather see him in left, Pagan in center, and Bay in right than Pagan and Bay flanking a hobbling Beltran. And in any case they wouldn’t have to find a spot for Manny — he would be a free agent after the season.

      Which brings up my next point: Manny leaving would likely bring the Mets an additional draft pick.

      And while we’re on the subject, are you rooting for the Mets to lose in September so they can get a better position in the 2011 draft? Is there someone in particular you see available who will carry the Mets to the Promised Land? And if so will the Mets actually pay the price to sign such player?

      September callups are not going to give you any indication of who might be able to play in 2011. That’s a myth. The sample is too small. Or maybe Dan Murphy will win a batting title next year, and Pat Misch will win a Cy Young some day.

      Forget about Cliff Lee. The Mets absolutely will not pay what he will demand. They will be cutting payroll, not increasing.

  4. Jake September 1, 2010 at 6:22 pm
    You complain too much. The Mets were not going to make the playoffs with or without Manny’s bat in the lineup and you know that. When Omar said that the Mets still had a chance to make the playoffs, it struck me as something you’d normally hear from any front-office. Do you expect him to say “No, we don’t think we’ll make the playoffs. You can stop watching us on TV and you don’t need to come to CitiField anymore.”? Get real.

    Not placing a claim on Manny saves them money for the future, obviously. Omar may have actually learned that throwing money at a problem doesn’t always work (ie. Ollie).

    Even if the Mets were strapped for cash, they have a good reason for not admitting it – it makes them less attractive in the eyes of free agents looking for a new home. They might think the owners aren’t willing to spend the money when it really counts (it’s another point whether it’s actually true or not).

    • Joe Janish September 2, 2010 at 12:01 am
      I agree, I do complain too much. It is exactly that which is the basis and motivation for this blog. Either I complain here or I drive my wife crazy.

      And I agree with your other points as well.

      It is disheartening, though, to be constantly lied to — especially when it appears that management has no plan and no idea what they are doing. It is like they are in midst of a big experiment — maybe a replacement for the chemistry set that Jeff Wilpon never received as a child.

  5. Walnutz15 September 1, 2010 at 10:25 pm
    I do find it humorous that the exact reason The Wilpons have wanted no part of Manny Ramirez through the years – happens with many of the other players they do target by the time they reach their 2nd or 3rd season with the Mets anyway.

    The SS Manny sailed long ago. I’m over it, but will still find the amusement in it.