Mets Game 154: Win Over Phillies

Mets 5 Phillies 2

Take THAT, Chase Utley! Now you know what happens when you wake a sleeping giant!

The Mets mustered all the motivation they could find, inspired by a ferocious slide by bad-ass Carlos Beltran, and absolutely hammered the first-place Phillies.

Beltran not only dropped to the ground and got dirty, but his slide was in the general direction of another human being. Kevin Burkhardt reported that Beltran nearly took out TWO infielders on the play. It was an incredible display of interest, to the point where it almost confused the Phillies. Not only that, but the slide filled Beltran’s teammates with enormous pride and attentiveness, giving them the energy they needed to stomp all over Kyle Kendrick and the rest of those dastardly, dirty dregs from Philadelphia. It was a shining moment in Beltran’s career, and one that cemented his status as the team’s leader.

Excuse me for a moment … I’m getting verklempt just thinking about “the slide” …

Game Notes

OK back to reality. Beltran’s slide was hard, clean, and appropriate. But the channel 11 / SNY staff’s decision to position it as something inspirational was laughable. If that slide was the Mets’ answer to Chase Utley‘s from the night before, then this team is even more clueless than we thought — and more in need of someone to teach them how to play baseball than anyone realized. There was nothing remotely outlandish or motivational about it, aside from GKR and SNY’s response to it — which was, as with the Utley slide, a completely fabricated angle of importance. Maybe the idea is to build “toughness” and “hard play” as a snowball of a talking point that eventually explains the hiring of a “fiery” manager such as Wally Backman. Believe me, I’m all for seeing Wally as manager next year — but please don’t create some artificial platform to justify his hiring; he is qualified on his own merits.

Dillon Gee was once again outstanding, allowing only 2 earned runs on 5 hits and 2 walks in seven strong innings. Gee should be the focus of excitement in this ballgame, not the first time Beltran slid toward a middle infielder in six years.

Or better yet, let’s talk about Lucas Duda, who delivered a 3-run, pinch-hit double to put the Mets ahead. The postgame interviews would have you believe that drive was inspired by the Beltran slide, but I’d be more inclined to think that Josh Thole‘s bases-loaded single did more to swing the momentum the Mets’ way. Though, in the post-game interview, Thole did “admit” that “the slide” helped get the Mets motivated — after being handed a framed question to which answering any other way might embarrass the inquisitor. But hey, maybe the slide really did get the Mets going. If so, why the heck did it take 154 games to light a fire?

By the way, Beltran’s slide was kind of sheepish compared to that of Wilson Valdez, who took out Jose Reyes an inning before.

Just think, if this were 1960, the season would be over and we’d all be out of our misery.

Two streaks were snapped with this game: the Phillies’ 11-game winning streak and the Mets’ 6-game losing streak.

Next Mets Game

The rubber match occurs at 1:35 PM on Sunday afternoon. Pat Misch faces Cole Hamels.

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  1. Jim Murray September 25, 2010 at 11:46 pm
    This team is entirely capable of winning ball games. I wish we could win more than we lose. I like Wally Backman as manager. We are not a horrible team. Its not like we’re losing 100 games, (well as least not ’till next year.) Citi Field is ranked first in fewest home runs hit. I think its third in the amount of fair groud. I would think that would mean we need fast outfielders who can cover ground. I don’t know what potential pitchers are looking for when they consider a team, but a big ballpark should be attractive. Whitey herzog built some great Cards teams on a similar concept, am I wrong?
  2. murph September 26, 2010 at 12:55 am
    Even the worst teams win 60 times a year.

    To reverse an old saying, “you can’t LOSE ’em all”.

  3. CatchDog September 26, 2010 at 9:41 am
    It could be interpreted that Beltran’s slide damn neared caused a kerfuffle.

    I like Dillon Gee’s performances so far. He’s got a nice array of pitches and decent command of them. He looks like he could be a solid #5 next season.

    With youngsters Jon Niese and Gee, if Joe can get Pelf going and RA doesn’t turn out to be a one year wonder, the Mets don’t have a bad rotation next season. Too bad Santana may be out for the season.