Trade with the White Sox

Calm down, it didn’t happen yet (if ever). And I’m certain MetsBlog would have scooped me if a deal went down.

However, it does seem that everybody’s waiting for Omar and Kenny Williams to make a deal. It ain’t happening — unless the ChiSox are willing to give away Jose Contreras for a spread of non-prospects (likely not).

Many MetsTodays visitors — and I — would love to see Javier Vazquez returning to New York (albeit to Flushing). However, since Williams just signed Mark Buehrle to a contract, it’s pretty clear Chicago plans to be in the hunt for at least the next few years. That said, why would they deal Vazquez, to whom they awarded a three-year extension this past March? Or for that matter, why trade Contreras — as has been suggested — when he is under control through 2009 for a cost below market value? Unless, of course, you think he’s washed up — in which case, do you want to gamble on a change to the NL being a boon for him?

There’s something to that idea — certainly the weaker-hitting league helped rejuvenate El Duque’s career. Speaking of, El Duque and Contreras are very similar pitchers, though Contreras tends to rely more on a splitfinger than the curve. Would it be beneficial for the Mets to add another junkballing starter to the staff? Maybe — but only if Jorge Sosa were ticketed to middle relief duty, Sosa has made very clear that he is uncomfortable in the bullpen.

The Mets’ terrible hitting of late has been the impetus for forecasts of Jermaine Dye coming to Shea. Not likely — not with Lastings Milledge suddenly tearing the cover off the ball and Dye hitting .230 AND limping on a bad quad. Though, reports are that Dye just went 3-for-6, is hitting homeruns, and his quad is completely healed. Funny how all that positive spin comes about two weeks before the trading deadline (I wonder if Kenny Williams just bought a Rolex for someone in his PR department?).

If the Mets make a deal, it more likely will be for an arm, and ideally a potential setup reliever. Someone like Octavio Dotel, Salomon Torres, or David Weathers would be nice, and perhaps not too expensive.

Speaking of cheap relievers, what ever happened to Scott Strickland? He was released by San Diego in late May after going 4-1 with a 4.58 ERA and 23 strikeouts in 19 innings for AAA Portland in the hitter-friendly PCL. The Padres dropped him before having to pay him an MLB salary to toil in the minors. He might have been a nice minor league pickup two months ago, but if he hasn’t pitched since mid-May then he’s probably a real long shot at this point.

Will the Mets make a deal? Probably, but how impactful it is remains to be seen. I’m betting on Omar to make one of those under-the-radar moves, such as he did last year to steal Guillermo Mota. We sure could use Mota circa September 2006 right now.

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  1. Micalpalyn July 16, 2007 at 3:10 pm

    Every good arguement deserves a counter arguement.

    To deal or not to deal: The sunday night baseball/or sunday morning sports reporters (? )Made this notation, the teams that have hitting are most likely to going into a slump, teams with good pitching are LEAST likely to slump over a long period.

    So how does that factor? I have only been arguing with you a short while, but I was ELATED when Omie picked up Ollie. In his debut he piitched no hit ball untill losing his release point and then Ryan howard grand slammed him. My point is Omar went out and got someones ACE pitcher. If he did not where would we have been in October? That said we have Ollie, Maine and Glavine as a starting core. We have the Duke who is a swingman that starts, and a revamped Sosa who is sitting in the seat meant for Pelfrey.

    So why make a deal. I’m old and my memory is short, so I will use the last 2 weeks as my samples:
    a. 8-4 loss to Cincy. 3 runs scored in the 4th, if El duque is in the Pen, maine has a shorter leash and possibly does not start the 4t5th inning at all.

    in colorado, again, the lack of depth in the pen, and especially a multi innings guy hurt badly.

    All the extensions to buerle & vaz do is make them ineligble for FA. Thats it. And that is actually more valuable. Last yr if not for the dreaded cab ride, Omar probably makes the milledge for Oswalt trade OR the milledge for Zito trade. Zito now has $125M reasons why he is happy that trade does NOT go down, (so does Omar). And now Ken Williams is using this occurence to sign Vaz and buerle, so teams cannot say I’ll give up a B-prospect because a Vaz/buerle walks as a FA. Most teams know that they are going to rent a player, the last case being Beltran, who took houston from 13 games out to the playoffs and singlehandedly deposed the Braves dynasty.

    BOTTOMLINE: If you put Vaz (Oswalt/buerle….) with Maine, Ollie and Glavine the Mets not only get a pitching boost by adding El duque to the pen but they become that much stingier for runs….needing less runs to win…and with this offense lately, having to score less runs is a very good thing.
    The Mets have the cash and Glavine goes away this off season, (when Pedro realistically returns). I They rushd Pedro last year, I hope they take pressure off him and bring him back after a full year and a Spring training.

    Look at our chasers: one is built with pitching the other hitting. The Phils can get hot but a hot pitcher will beat that line up.

  2. joe July 16, 2007 at 3:49 pm
    OK, I’m with you on the plan to get pitching. I just don’t think it’s going to happen, because of the cost. And I don’t think the ChiSox will let Vaz go away easily mainly because he’s still young, still good, and very much under market value through 2010. It might take Pelfrey AND Milledge AND another body to pry him away — plus we might have to take on Dye as part of the deal.

    BTW I was also one of the few people elated to get Ollie last year, and was continually brownbeaten when I sang his praises on MetsBlog in August and September of last year.