Where Pelfrey Should Go

Random thoughts for a Monday afternoon …

Setup Man: Mike Pelfrey

We already know Mike Pelfrey is going to New Orleans. We’ll assume he’ll be re-joining the Zephyrs’ starting rotation. However, for the immediate future of the Mets (meaning, this year), it may behoove the brass to install him into a relief role. It’s pretty darn clear that Pelf ain’t helping the Mets as a starter this year, but his 95-MPH sinker and slider are ideal for bullpen duty. Maybe if he focuses solely on pitching one or two innings at a time, and only throws the sinker and slider, the Mets could have a formidable relief weapon (Adam Wainwright, anyone?) by the end of August. Oh, by the way, I wrote about Pelfrey as a reliever a few weeks back on Flushing University.

Back to the Bench

Ruben Gotay had an oh-fer yesterday and there’s a lefty on the mound tonight so we’ll assume he’s back on the bench. However, we’ll also assume that Damion Easley is starting in his place, and he’s batting over .300 against David Wells lifetime — so no biggie.

Games or Auditions?

This past weekend’s four-game set with the Reds may have been as much an evaluation as a competition. Cincinnati’s season is as dead as a doornail, and GM Wayne Krivsky is making just about everyone on the roster available. The Mets might be interested in pitchers Bronson Arroyo or David Weathers, or a veteran bat such as Jeff Conine. Surely fans would love to see Ken Griffey Jr. come to Shea, but a $16.5M option for 2009 automatically kicks in if he’s traded — making his acquistion sould more like a Yankee deal than an Omar deal. Though, if Omar wants to be really brave, he’d make a whammy of a trade and pry away Brandon Phillips to play second base. I think the chance of Conine coming this way is a bit more likely, but you never know.

Hot on Our Heels

Don’t look now, but the Braves are breathing down our backs, only a game and a half behind in second place. The scary thing is, they’re doing this with John Smoltz on the DL and Andruw Jones struggling to stay above the Mendoza Line. Guess what — Andruw is heating up, Smoltz will be coming back soon, and I’m getting scared.

Phading Phast

While the Braves are surging, the Phillies are slipping. They’re now five games behind, and are in danger of being passed by the Marlins. We must congratulate them, however, on their 10,000th loss — the most of any professional franchise in the history of sport. Think about that — a team could lose 100 games a season for fifty years and only be halfway there.

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  1. sincekindergarten July 16, 2007 at 4:36 pm
    Re: the Phillthies . . . they could win their next 1,200 games and just get to .500 overall.

    And as for the Reds “auditioning” over the weekend, what about Aaron Harang? 😉

  2. Micalpalyn July 16, 2007 at 5:03 pm

    A. L’millz. Despite the attempts to fit him with concrete slippers millz is showing why Dan O’dowd, Tim Purpura, Billy beane and that Boston Gm were all willing to give up their Star players to get him. ..nuff said.

    But now we are somewhat like the Braves in giving up Adam wainright, Ray King and Jason Marquis to the cards for JD Drew…OUCH!!!

    Unlike last yr, we cannot stand pat (if Ollie &Rohern 4 Nady is standing pat). Outside of Fmart and Gomeez, there are other pieces to make trades to put the team over the top. …A utility infielder that CAN hit, and possibly a starting pitcher.

    Why is it the Braves ARE winning, PITCHING. If Smoltz, Hudson, James, and now Buddy Calyle keep them in games, Escobar, Renteria, etc get jus to get them wins.

    With Alou actually playing today, it seems Omar’s master plan is intact, and he will NOT need a bat, in the OF and L’Millz at min can play the corners, rotating with green and alou. Hopefully Beltran who has a torn quad (too), can get some relief.

    That leaves the post Woodward void to fill. Joe Mcewing?…Greg Dobbs? Jose Castillo (Pitt), . I a

    i agree with everything you said about Pelfrey. I think too he needs to learn the splitter (ala Leiter)BUT, I think all of the above applty to Humber who also exhibits the ability to help the Mets 1-2 innings at a time (ala Wainright/Anthony Reyes/).

    Just when you had enuff of my craziness, here comes the Nuke: What about Scott Kazmir for mike Pelfrey and ? Kaz is not the ace there right now and he getting hammered for not pitching deeper into games, last outing being an example. Yes its crazy…but.

  3. joe July 16, 2007 at 5:14 pm
    OK. First of all, we already have a utility infielder who can hit. His name is Damion Easley. Unfortunately Willie thinks he’s a starter. We also have a second utility infielder who can hit. His name is Jose Valentin. Same story.

    Split for Pelfrey sounds like a fine idea. Someone call Roger Craig!

    Humber needs a full year in AAA to gain his confidence. He’s too brittle (in mind and spirit) to bring into a pennant race.

    I’d do Pelf and another arm for Kazimir in a second. Unfortunately, TB would want our top five prospects in return.

  4. sincekindergarten July 16, 2007 at 6:33 pm
    Okay, then . . . didn’t the Indians DFA Bert Hernandez a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, he’s had some tough times lately–on teams that are not named the “New York Mets.” He’d come for a song. Heilman has mentioned Bert’s influence in the past, and how much it’s helped him. How much would it cost–the league minimum?
  5. Micalpalyn July 16, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    Humber: just a yr removed from TJ surgery and fighting his way back, plus pitched a while with the torn Ligament. I’m not ready to say he is fragile. alot of college pitchers are known to amass innings and break early in their ML careers. Note jeff nieman who went to Tampa AHEAD of Humber is still out.

    OK. We have two weeks. baseball critics far and wide are banking on trades forecasted to help them mold a career. Very often none of us see them coming, not since SP developed the waiver wire blockade and the Duquette simply blocked trades(specifically to atlanta) by offering his top prospects. So why I & others suggest we will be lucky if we are right.

  6. Micalpalyn July 16, 2007 at 6:54 pm
  7. joe July 16, 2007 at 7:47 pm
    Phil Humber was scared out of his mind in spring training — that gives me reason to believe that a pennant race might shake him up a bit. I could be wrong, it’s happened before (though, when, I’m not sure) 🙂

    I’d like Humber to get a full year at AAA, get a little angry about not being considered for a callup priort to September, and come in with a chip on his shoulder next spring.

    I know you disagree, and respect you for it. I agree with you that Humber is going to be a huge part of the Mets’ future.

    Ahern for John McDonald is a unique idea. I’m not understanding the fascination for a utility infielder, especially considering that Willie does not know what to do with subs. While I respect the idea of another Super Joe on the team, he’d just be another guy rotting on the bench (see: Newhan, Gotay, Castro, et al).

    As mentioned before, Valentin and Easley are perfect for the role you suggest. But until Gotay is the starter, they’ll continue to impede the Mets’ progress by being given start after start. Why add another reserve to the mix?