Inside Look: San Diego Padres

San Diego Padres logoTen questions weren’t enough to cover the Padres … so I asked seven more of “Dex” and “jbox” of Gaslamp Ball.

1. The Padres remind me a bit of the Mets of the 1970s — superior pitching, good defense, abysmal offense. It didn’t help that injuries have hurt the lineup as well. Are the additions of Milton Bradley and Michael Barrett enough, or do the Padres need to go outside the organization again for a bat before the trade deadline?

Bradley and Barrett will probably be the only offensive help that the Pads are going to get this season. It should be enough, if you look up and down the lineup it looks like a good offense on paper, it’s just a matter of getting the offense to click at the right times. Just about every Padre fan is begging for Kevin Towers to make a trade for a power bat, we at Gaslamp Ball like the strategy of playing to our strengths. We are a great pitching team, let’s live and die by pitching and hope for the best as far as the offense is concerned. There isn’t much out there
in the way of a power bat, and what is out there would handcuff the organization in the future. We don’t want another contract like Klesko’s that puts leg shackles on the team.

2. If San Diego does make a deal, who might they be after? Who do they
have as trade bait?

We really don’t have any idea who the Padres are looking at, we suspect they aren’t even shopping for anymore offense. Kevin Towers has mentioned recently that he wants to pick up another 5th starter.

Our relief pitcher, 8th inning guy, Scott Linebrink has been on the trading block so long, that he’s putting up roots there. Moving his wife and kids to the trading block and looking to build a winter home there.

3. Kevin Kouzmanoff struggled at the beginning of the year, but seems to have righted the ship. Is he the answer at third base — now and for the long term?

Kooz is the answer for now. The idea is that he’ll develop into the greatest third basemen to ever play the game, but who knows how that will work out. We’ve had a bad track record with third basemen since Caminiti, so you hope for the best.

4. What can we expect from David Wells and Greg Maddux in this series? Are they helped by Petco?

I expect David Wells to get into some arguments with some Umpires and throw about six innings of vicious curveballs on the outside half of the plate. Maddux will pick at the corners too and then probably get into an argument about the umpires strike zone as well.

5. What’s your feeling on the Giles brothers? Are two better than one?

Brian Giles hurt his knee a few months ago and had a deep bone bruise. He was on the DL for what seemed like forever. He’s lost all of his power from his days in a Pirates uniform, but he can still work a count with the best of them. He just recently took Marcus’s leadoff spot in the lineup.

Marcus has been struggling but is still the best defensive second basemen we have. He started off really hot offensively but he’s the type of guy that will come around and not slump for too long.

6. Tie ballgame, ninth inning, two out, runner on third. What Padre do you want at the plate?

Adrian Gonzalez. He slumped hard last month, but he’s still the best all around hitter we have. He can put the ball in play, he can hit for power and usually has a good idea of the strike zone.
He’s also sexy, sexy enough to make a Mets pitcher swoon and throw him some meat over the plate.

7. Same situation, but the Mets are hitting. Who would you least like to see in the batter’s box?

Adrian Gonzalez, because that would mean something crazy just happened. Adrian Gonzalez or Mike Piazza with a blonde crewcut circa 1999-2000, glowing like Obi-Wan Kenobi, that’d be scary.

Thanks again to Dex and jbox, and be sure to check out all things Padres (and Jedi mind tricks) at Gaslamp Ball.

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