Ten Questions: San Diego Padres

Bo Vandy of San Diego Spotlight was kind enough to answer ten questions regarding the Padres, to help educate us ignorant Right Coasters …

1. From our viewpoint, Bruce Bochy leaving for San Francisco was pretty stunning. Was it as surprising on the West Coast?

I don’t live on the West Coast, I follow the Padres from Nebraska, so really couldn’t tell you what people were thinking there, but I was fairly certain he was gone, win or lose. I even expected the Padres to pull a Dusty Baker scenario and let Bochy go even if they had pulled off a miracle.

2. How does Bud Black compare/contrast to Bochy in style? What’s your opinion of Black thus far?

Right now, I really don’t know, Black seems to have helped Peavy and Young, that’s for sure.

3. We can’t go on without at least mentioning Heath Bell. MetsToday was a major supporter of Heath, so his performance this year is hard to swallow. Are you happy thus far with Heath, and do you think he can be a reliable setup guy in the future?

Heath has had some bad outings, but he’s obviously had more good ones. I think he’ll be someone that can be relied on, as his career progresses, and perhaps as an heir apparent to Hoffy.

4. Speaking of that trade, can you please tell us all you know about Ben Johnson and Jon Adkins? We’re still waiting to find out what either of these guys have to offer (while they toil in AAA).

Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about them

(that speaks VOLUMES)

5. Is Kelly Calabrese still massaging players in the dugout? (sorry, I couldn’t resist — and yes, Keith Hernandez is still in the broadcast booth)

I have no idea. We don’t have anyone who will whine about it for 20 minutes any more.

6. When he’s hot, Khalil Greene can carry a club with his bat. Do you think he’ll ever develop consistency at the plate?

I’d like to say yes, but it’s not as though he’s a rookie. He was a fantastic hitter in College, but that really hasn’t translated over to the bigs. He’s obviously got some pop, but I don’t think he’ll ever be a .300 hitter, or anything close. Right now I’d settle for .280 with 20 homers — decent production from a shortstop.

7. Kevin Kouzmanoff: real deal? Would you have made that deal then, and would you make it again now?

Absolutely real deal. After an abysmal April, he’s come on quite nicely, especially showing some pop. I think 2008 will be his breakout year, average, and power wise, but I think he can also put together a huge second half, as long as his back holds up. I’d make the trade again, especially with the kind of season Josh Barfield has had so far, he’s been a major disappointment, I expected him to have a huge season for the Indians this year.

8. Milton Bradley and Michael Barrett both came with some baggage. How are they fitting in with their teammates thus far?

Bradley’s only played four games for us so far, so it’s a bit early to tell with him. As far as I know, Barrett hasn’t had any problems personality wise, but he hasn’t been the offensive spark plug the Padres hoped he’d be. I’m also a Cubs fan, so I have a unique perspective of this trade, it was apparently lose-lose. The Padres are 2-10 when Barrett starts, Rob Bowen couldn’t hit himself out of a wet paper sack. Barrett is also a huge downgrade defensively from Bowen, and I was confused at the time why either team did this trade. Both teams had one defensive catcher, and one offensive catcher. The Padres became a team with two good offensive catchers, and poor defensive catchers, the Cubs became a team with two pretty good defensive catchers, who can’t hit to save their lives. Barrett will be a free agent at the end of the year, and I don’t see him coming back next year.

9. Tie ballgame, ninth inning, two out, runner on third. What Padre do you want at the plate?

Someone we trade for at the deadline. Honestly, that is the key cog the Padres are missing, we don’t have the one big bat that opposing pitchers fear. If we don’t acquire it before July 31st, we certainly need to go out and get one in the offseason. If someone were to put a gun to my head I’d say Brian Giles. He’s had a very good June and July after an abysmal first two months, but his power is no where to be found

10. Same situation, but the Mets are hitting. Who would you least like to see in the batter’s box?

I’m sure you’ve never heard this before…..Jose Reyes. Just deadly in far too many ways, speed, power, patience at the plate. Wouldn’t want to see Reyes.

Thanks again to Bo of San Diego Spotlight for his cooperation.

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