Blog Roundup: 25th Anniversary of the 1986 WS

25 years ago this week, the Mets defeated the Boston Red Sox to win their last World Series title to date.  Some Mets blogs are paying homage to the anniversary.  In other news, while Metsdom is patiently waiting for the announcement of changes to Citi Field’s dimensions (due after the World Series), some details are beginning to leak out.

Blogging the past and present:

  • Mets Police has a Bill Gallo cartoon from after Game 1 of the ’86 World Series.  Hint: the goat of game 1 will be the team’s 3B coach in 2012.
  • ESPN Mets Blog is recapping each ’86 WS game this week.
  • Howard Johnson (Yes, THE Howard Johnson) posted a picture of himself with Kevin Mitchell at the 1986 reunion.  There are also some familiar faces in the background.
  • Metsblog says work has already begun on Citi Field’s outfield wall.
  • Rising Apple thinks the Mets could go after Ryan Doumit to serve as backup catcher.
  • Metstradamus holds the finals of the Hall of Hate contest.  See who the finalists are!

There you have it, the blog roundup for Tuesday.  Check back with Mets Today for more Mets news.

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