Jose Reyes Departure Fallout

As most expected, Jose Reyes left Flushing. He signed a 6-year, $106M deal with the Miami Miracle Marlins.

Guess what? Fred Wilpon was right: Reyes didn’t get “Carl Crawford money”. Good for Fred; I bet he’s laughing his way all the way to the bank soup line.

According to various reports, the Mets never made an offer to Reyes. They just let him walk away. OK, it wasn’t quite like that. Rather, Sandy Alderson told Reyes’ agent what the Mets’ “parameters” were, the agent went numb in his tailbone after falling off his chair, then passed out from all the laughter, and once he regained consciousness, bid Alderson farewell.

I have been preparing myself for this ugly reality since the Mets chose not to extend Reyes last winter — when his value was at arguably an all-time low. But still, I had this splinter of hope that somehow, some way, the world would go upside down and Reyes would not get an offer better than the 4- or 5-year / $60M – $75M that the poor, small-market Mets could afford. I know the Mets finished second-to-last in 2011 with Reyes playing at the top of his game, and was pretty sure they’d finish dead last with or without Reyes in 2012, but if Jose was on the team, I might still have a really good reason to switch on the TV and watch them play. Now, I’m not sure why I’ll turn on SNY at 7:10 PM every night come April — much less, consider spending the time and money to watch the Mets at their fabulous new restaurant / food court in Flushing.

Of course, I’m being irrational and defeatist — it’s an immediate reaction to what’s happening (the beginning of the worst part of the next Mets dark age). As I step away from the ledge, I can see how this turn of events isn’t all that bad — I can even see the silver lining. For example, as a result of Reyes going to Miami, the Mets get the Marlins’ first second third-round pick in next June’s draft. And that’s SOMETHING! (What? Did you think the Mets would get something better than a 3rd-round pick had they traded Reyes near the July trading deadline?). Not only that, but I’ve heard rumblings that the Mets are talking with the agent for Jack Wilson. JACK WILSON! And not only that, there’s now buzz that they may also bring back Francisco Rodriguez. That’s right — if things break perfectly, we may get K-Rod back!

Happy days are ahead, Mets fans! Enjoy the winter!

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  1. brian December 5, 2011 at 6:11 am
    let’s start a #freedavidwright campaign on twitter
    he deserves so much more than the 2012 mets
  2. Gavin December 5, 2011 at 6:54 am
    Reyes is simply not worth that money for those years. He hasn’t had an injury-free season since 2008. I think that contract is going to be an albatross in a few years time.

    Even with Reyes, the Mets wouldn’t have been a contender and still a long way from being one. The pitching is no where near good enough at the moment to compete with the Phillies and Braves. There is no point in signing Reyes for this kind of deal if the Mets weren’t going to be contenders during his peak years, which they weren’t.

    • HobieLandrith December 5, 2011 at 10:02 am
      Similarly, tickets to see the Mets at Citi Field are simply not worth the money.
  3. LongTimeFan December 5, 2011 at 7:06 am
    Gavin, attempting to rationalize away a major blunder, makes you sound like Alderson. When emotional attachments with are reduced to X’s and 0’s, we all lose.
    • Gavin December 5, 2011 at 12:02 pm
      Jose’s loss hurts me as much as anyone but we have to be realistic. Giving over $20 million a year for the next six to a guy who has had a several injuries relating to his legs, which is the most valuable aspect of his game, is ludicrous. When Jose pulls his hamstring again next season, it will happen, this decision by the Mets will look smart.
  4. Dan December 5, 2011 at 7:47 am
    The silver lining could be less fans = less $$, which may put pressure on MLB to stop propping up the Wilpons, who couldn’t come up with the 25M owed them.

    If Wright isn’t traded soon I’d be surprised, with Murphy available it really doesn’t make sense to keep him. And if there’s a market for Bay, …

  5. Tommy2cat December 5, 2011 at 8:39 am
    One must believe that Sandy Alderson knew or had reason to know that he did not have the financial resources available to sign José Reyes this off-season. If that is the case, then it was incumbent upon him to leverage his position at the trading deadline and extract as much value as possible on the trade market, much as he did when he traded Carlos Beltran for Zack Wheeler.

    Instead, the only residual value that we are left with is the Miami Marlins third round draft pick in the June 2012 amateur draft. Whether the Wilpons had the money or not, whether Sandy Alderson’s aversion to long-term contracts stood in the way, the bottom line is that we lost one of the best homegrown talents ever to wear a New York Met uniform to free agency and to a division rival with very little to show for it.

    Whether José Reyes becomes a perennial MVP candidate or, God forbid, he blows out his hamstring and does not play another game, Alderson clearly dropped the ball and there is no amount of his smug intellectualism that will erase this fact.

    In the long run, the New York Mets may be better off without having paid José Reyes $106 million over the next six years. He is not the most durable player, and his absence becomes that much more pronounced because of his superstar talent. We may be better off with a shortstop who is a notch lower in talent but two notches higher in reliability. I can deal with that.

    What I have difficulty in accepting is that we did not leverage José Reyes value on the trade market when the likelihood of re-signing him now appears in retrospect to be so remote. What hurts most is to consider the deficits in our roster and how they might have been addressed by the inclusion of two blue-chip prospects that a trade involving José Reyes would have likely yielded.

    Here’s an example: San Francisco Giants likely would have parted with centerfield prospect Gary Brown and one more pitching prospect for José Reyes. We would have successfully traded José Reyes outside of our division and collected handsome compensation in the form of young talent. And that’s one of many, many trade scenarios.

    I am embarrassed for Sandy Alderson.

  6. izzy December 5, 2011 at 8:45 am
    Fior all those spewing out the worth line or saying Sandy kenew all along that he couldn’t re-sign the dude, explain why he didn’t trade him when he was hot hot hot last year? If you can’t do that then you are just buying into more Wilpon/Alderson manure. Secondly he even got screwed out of his preciaous first round pick, since all he getting from the Marlins is their THIRD round pick plus his sandwich. Alderson is out of touch with modern times, Wilpon is a bankrupt and failed owner and we officially change the of citi Field to CITY MORGUE. And anyway who need to spend on talent when you sopend 40 million for a wall since you screwed up the morgue on original design.
    • HobieLandrith December 5, 2011 at 10:06 am
      Relax, Alderson has something special for Ruben Tejada that another shortstop named Tejada used and it will turn him into a 30-HR guy overnight.

      Oh wait …

  7. Walnutz15 December 5, 2011 at 9:02 am
    At the same time, Alderson just might be stacked up against the Ponzi Puppet Strings – that have befallen many a GM prior to him.

    Do you really think the Wilpons would trade their only draw to the ballpark for the last 2 months+, amidst his PRECIOUS BATTING TITLE chase….if you hadn’t heard from all the Met “experts” – THE 1ST IN FRANCHISE HISTORY (thanks, didn’t know that) —— ‘cuz I don’t.

    This is what happens when you have absolute morons running the show; and controlling the ideas of the executives in office.

    Ask Nelson Doubleday…..he would tell you himself. And did, years ago:

    “Mr. Jeff Wilpon has decided that he’s going to learn how to run a baseball team and take over at the end of the year,” Doubleday told the newspaper. “Run for the hills, boys. I think probably all those baseball people will bail.”

    Wondering when these “baseball people” there now, will bail?

    Hopefully, they’re permitted to operate as they’d like to – without much more intervention from the Wil-TWITS.

    Because the logical mind in me speaks, quite loudly – saying something to the effect of:

    Sandy Alderson would never take a 3rd round compensation pick for Reyes, when he could have traded him at the deadline for a haul and a half….unless he was led to believe that re-signing him was more or less a drop in the bucket — according to what his bosses were telling him, anyway.

    And, in fact – this SMACKS and REEEEKS of the ever-loved Billy Wagner trade a couple of seasons back……where it boiled down to the Wilpons grabbing $3MM and Chris Carter… lieu of actually getting some legit talent back for a few bucks. Or holding onto Wagner to offer arbitration, and grab some picks.

    They keep making the same mistakes over, and over, and over, and over, and over – and it doesn’t matter who the figure-head is.

    In addition, financial “flexibility” means very little when you’re chasing the Matt Capps’ and Octavio Dotel’s of the world….I think the Ponzi’s will start seeing that in mass droves this year.

    …………..unless, of course – Alderson pulls a few miracle trades out of his posterior.

    Sell, please – SELL!!

    • izzy December 5, 2011 at 9:31 am
      Interesting commentary Walnutz15. I guess the bottom line is that for a washed up GM desperate to be a “playa” its better to be a puppet for fred and jeffy wilPnzi than to be checking birth records in the Dominican.
  8. Rob December 5, 2011 at 9:30 am
    I think the reason that Sandy didn’t trade Jose in July of 2011 was purely about money. His owners didn’t want to sell THE primary draw to the stadium over the course of the summer. So they were thinking short-term finances. Which is pretty d*mned ironic, since all we keep hearing about as the motivation and justification for this ridiculous decision to let Jose go at the age of 28 is the short-term finances. They apparently believe that its just not worth it to spend the money when they won’t be competitive in the short-term. Let’s accept for the moment the inane idea that the Mets…with all their large-market attributes and gifted brain trusts…can’t (or don’t think that they can) rebuild this team in less than five years. If they truly believe that…and believed it in July 2011, then why didn’t they trade Jose at that time for some prospects. Surely they could have gotten something better than what a third round pick will produce? But no…they apparently valued a quick buck in the short term over planning for the long term. And now they have the nerve to suggest that all of these decisions are for the sake of the future development of the team.

    All the more reason to ask Mr. Wilpon and his brood to please…please…for the love of God and the sake of Mets fans all over the country…please sell this team and put us out of our misery!

    I may not watch a game in 2012 and I sure wish that it mattered to these b*astards. I don’t think it will.

  9. mic December 5, 2011 at 10:01 am
    This is hardly the end. Reyes was not going to make THAT much of a difference on a sorry Met team.

    What matters to me is :
    A. the lack of planning and initiative
    B. The lack of a plan going forward.

  10. gary s. December 5, 2011 at 10:27 am
    From the contrarian side,If Alderson traded Reyes when he was hitting .350 plus the same nce people who say we should have traded him during the season, would have gone crazy.How do you trade the fans favorite player when he is hitting .355 for 2 minor leaugers?My second point is that has anyone looked at this from Reyes’s mindset?.Why would he want to return to this loser and joke of a franchise?If i was him i would not.I am a little surprised he didn’t sigh with a playoff team, but miami is not through dealing yet. (pujols, fielder?)My third point is that this a classic case of a good player having a great year in a walk year of a contract.BUYER BEWARE!!!
    • Mike B December 5, 2011 at 11:55 am
      So if the same Fans that are going crazy now would have went crazy when we traded him in mid season why not take your poison and get a reward for that poison(two prospects). Now you are just swallowing poison and getting nothing in return.

      I wasnt in favor of trading Reyes or letting him go, But oif you knew 5 years 80- mill was your cieling you are a fool for not trading him.

      The contract the marlins got was well work 17.5 a year he is 28 year old ss that ranks first or second in baseball, thats the going rate for superstars these days,

      I cant wait to reuban tejada has an Angel Pagan year this year and is batting 238 in Aug and Reyes is winning an MVP award how some of you who think the Mets were smart cause of injuries were to let him go.

  11. Joe December 5, 2011 at 10:28 am
    The Marlins just signed Heath Bell and very well might sign someone else significant. They have a good shot at going far in the playoffs or even the WS. They gave Reyes (according to reports) 106M, six year deal.

    We can sneer as much as we want at the Mets, and since Joe et. al. find some satisfaction in doing this (and they deserve a lot of it), go right ahead.

    But, (1) Gavin isn’t wrong & sneering at the Mets doesn’t change it (2) why would Reyes want to stay with a loser team (at least standings wise, in other ways too) unless they pay him MORE money than that.

    The Winter of ’10-11 is gone, so we can move on from saying what they should have done then. The Summer of ’11 is gone too though I don’t know what more they would have gotten for giving up an injury prone rental. So, what … we push it back to mid-Spring?

    Fine. For now, the Mets would have to spend over 106M, six years, to retain Reyes, who — as much as I’m sure he just loved Queens — probably didn’t need that much incentive to go to a team that actually has an immediate future.

    • Izzy December 5, 2011 at 10:41 am
      Enjoy the 40 million dollar fence Joe. I’m sure it will help more than a trade of Reyes would have done last June. Planning on going to any game the next 5 years?
      • Joe December 5, 2011 at 12:12 pm
        Your one note schtick doesn’t do it for me, but if you enjoy it, go right ahead.

        I have said more than once I think moving in the fence will for the time being likely hurt the Mets given their current pitching staff.

        I doubt the Mets would have got much more than the picks will give them to trade an already once injured rental. Meanwhile, the months of the season left would have been worse, while as is, even with him getting injured AGAIN, the team was more watchable (as many have said, even if you don’t care) the rest of the season.

        I think seats are overpriced and never have gone to many games over the years. I also think games are too long to be stuck in the seat the whole time. SNY is my avenue to watch the Mets, plus WFAN.

  12. Tom December 5, 2011 at 2:40 pm
    Would you mind remaining your site to You may get more hits.
  13. Glenn December 5, 2011 at 2:54 pm
    You people are moronic. I wanted Reyes to stay but if you animals were capable of intelligent thought you would realize you don’t pay 18m a yr for 6 yrs for an injury prone SS for a team that is rebuilding. Overpaying FA’s is what got us into this fix in the 1st place. You fools have learned nothing. The Mets 2 World championship were built by a strong farm system and strong pitching. Until we get that, Even Pujols wouldn’t make the difference. Fortunately that is coming. We have four strong pitching prospects coming, two of which (Harvey, Meija) we should see at Citi 2012 and the next two 2013. The Mets have a plan, you dopes are too dumb to see it. The Mets have been in rebuilding mode since 2011, they just didn’t tell the fans because they need to sell tickets. They have purged themselves of most of the bad contracts, have brought up young talent and have more on the way. the Mets need to draft well, resist the urge to rush prospects to the bigs and be patient. In 2103 when they have enough young players producing and Bay and Santana are at the end of their contracts, then the Mets will have the $ to go out and get the FINAL FA or two who can put them over the top. That’s how you build a champion, not by overpaying because some idiot fans tell you to.

    As for trading Reyes mid season, we have no idea what conversations Alderson may or may not have had. I’m sure teams approached him and made offers and if one of them blew him away, I’m sure he would have taken it. You assume that other teams offered, or would have offered the Mets the house for Reyes. Fans always overvalue what they have and dream up trades that are like “I’ll give you Reyes and you give me Lincecum, Cain, Posey, Wheeler, and 50mil.” Other teams are not that stupid. Alderson judged that the two draft picks were better than what they were offering. Do I know that for a fact? No. But you don’t know the opposite either.

    You guys kill me. You ran Omar out of town for doing the same thing you wish Alderson would do: Overpay. You don’t need the biggest, most expensive players to win. the Phllies took the Rangers best pitcher last yr and the Rangers returned to the WS and the Phillies never made it. The Nats gave Werth a big contract and he stunk. the object is to build a TEAM, not help out your fantasy league. You build, you build slowly, patiently. It takes time. The Rays stunk for a decade for they got there. We already have Wright, Duda, Davis as good pieces. More are on the way. Bay’s and Santana will soon be gone, giving the Mets payroll relief and maybe something in return in a trade. True fans stay. Losers run. So run away losers. but when this turns around, make sure you don’t come back.

    • Rob December 5, 2011 at 3:15 pm
      And there is at least one fan who has apparently swallowed the Koolaid that the Mets have been feeding their fans for the last twelve months.
    • Izzy December 5, 2011 at 3:30 pm
      Lets see about us animals Glenn. We are animals but you cannot do math. 102 million for 6 years is not 18 milliaon a year. Well glenn human can do math and animals can’t so who is the animal glenn?
      Second its pure propoganda that the Mets got into this bind by overpaying free agents. Ther Mets got into the bind becuase your man fred wilponzi and his lovely son jeff wilponzi were funding the team thru an illegal ponzi scheme. All teams that are in big markets have fa busts glenn, but only one with a brain like an animal isn’t smart enough to see that and buy’s the propoganda fed to him by the once rich dudes.

      thirdly glenn you don’t have a clue about the 2 championships and no matter how they were developed it was a different era and free afgncy didn’t exist for the first one so once again you are out of your league. And what about the 4 minor league pitchers. Do you think young pitchers all pan out or don’t get hurt. How old was the injured Mejia, or the Nats’ two young studs Jordan Zimmermann or Strasbourg or generation K. Once again since we are animals what are you with even less intelligence than us animals?
      As for mid season, for once you are right we don’t know what conversations Alderson had, but we do know he failed to make a move. HE FAILED and your defending him is a laso a FAILURE. As for Omar, Omar brought in guys well into their 30’s for your info Reyes is 28. I guess we better get rid of Wright and Santana because they are much older. Lose again glenn.

      • Glenn December 5, 2011 at 4:13 pm
        Illogical to the bone. Forgive me it works out to 17.7 mil, I rounded off, the ultimate crime. Your points, feeble as they are.

        The Mets, as of this date have not lost a cent to Madoff, outside of attorneys fees. They actually MADE money. They got their money out early. That’s why they are being sued, because the other side alleges the Mets were in on it. The Mets lost money last yr because their payroll was too high and they didn’t sell enough tix. So your contention they are in this bind due to Madoff is wrong. They may have to pay out at a later date, but that remains to be seen and if they lose it will be only 85m at the most.

        Second. Sure prospects don’t pan out. However, unless you’re going to spend like the Yankees you cannot build a team by buying up FA’s. The Phillies built via the draft and thru trades w/ prosepcts they got via he draft. Adding Lee came at the end. the Giants built via the draft and trades. the Rangers, the Rays, the Cards, the Braves, teams that win yr in and yr out build. The Mets need sustainable success. You need more than 25 guys to win. You need an organization that can funnel player after player to made trades, replace old players, ineffective players, injured players. Omar bought FA’s but when those guys got hurt the Mets had no depth. The Mets the last two seasons have been over or at .500 at the All Star Break only to fade down the strength. Why. no depth to replace worn out and injured players or to make trades to improve. You need depth and you can get that thru scouting, drafting, trading.

        I love Reyes, I wish he was still a Met but he wanted more than you should pay to get an oft injured SS for a team that in all likelihood will not make the playoffs. And if the Mets are in the hunt they will have a lot of money to make a GOOD trade.

        Third, Alderson did not fail to make a move. He did trade Beltran and got back Wheeler, a player all the so called experts said he would never get. Alderson never says he won’t make a trade. He would trade Wright if the right deal came along, but you don’t just trade to trade. You trade for value.

        Fourth. I damn well would trade Santana if I could and get out from under his contract. you wouldn’t???

        Five. Prospects often flame out. That’s why you get as many as you can. the Mets will have a 1st rd pick, a sandwich pick, a 2nd rd, 2 third rd picks. Stockpile those youngsters, and you keep the best and trade the rest.

        FAs will always be there. In a few yrs when the Mets improve they can spend the $ they saved then.

        Have the Mets made mistakes? Absolutely. Are they a good team now? Absolutely not. but you don’t make one error to fix other. Smart people think, animals react. you’re upset today and overreacting. understandable, but illogical.

        • Heybatter December 5, 2011 at 5:35 pm
          Well said Glenn. One of the few rational posts today. Players come and go, teams are sometimes good or not so good, but I’ll continue to watch the Mets as I have for 50 years. Oh BTW Joe, come April you too will be tuning in to SNY because you just won’t be able to help yourself. the Mets will rise again; just hope I am still around to see it.
        • Joe Janish December 6, 2011 at 1:59 am
          To which “Joe” are you referring? Me or the other Joe?

          If it’s to me, what’s your point re: tuning in to SNY? I run a blog here called “” so if I don’t tune in, i may as well close the blog. Tuning in doesn’t mean I approve of or enjoy what I’m seeing.

          And you’re right – the Mets will rise again, eventually. When? Who knows, but it’s not likely to be for at least 5-6 years, if not longer. And waiting that long makes us what? Martyrs? Yippee!

        • Mike B December 6, 2011 at 9:52 am
          Glenn everyone is entitled to their opinion but you post almost made me as mad as the Reyes signing.

          You cant build a team on FA signings? Then you mention the Cards, Ever here of Matt Holliday? You know the guy the mets were going to sign him but he wouldnt hit in Citi field.

          To call people idiots on here for wanting to keep Reyes is crazy. Is 17.777779 a year a lot of money? YES! Overpaying? Yes! But whose fault is it that it got to this? The Mets for not signing an extenstion. They gambled and lost and as usual we the met fans have to pay for it.

          now Jose Reyes, our Jose Reyes who we signed as a 16 year old and has been as good as we ever dreamed will be leaving the mets at 28 in the prime of his career just as we are seeing him mature and go to a divisional rival who ironically hated him more then any other player.

        • HobieLandrith December 6, 2011 at 12:33 pm
          Imagine if the Yankees let Jeter walk at age 28, after winning a batting title, because they thought he wanted too much money / too many years.

          This ownership group is pathetic and belongs in Kansas City.

  14. gary s. December 5, 2011 at 5:08 pm
    Somebody seems to be in need of anger management today..Thank goodness he is smarter than all of us or he would really be in trouble
  15. argonbunnies December 5, 2011 at 11:37 pm
    I’d rather have a winning team than Jose any day. If someone can explain to me how losing Jose will help us win, I’m all for it.

    Unfortunately, Alderson’s media chats utterly failed to do that. He’s sounding increasingly awful. His cluelessness in saying “if everything breaks right, we can be competitive in 2012″ is staggering. “Hope and pray” logic + trumpeting anything other than a playoff appearance as some sort of worthy accomplishment = HELL NO. This if the perfect formula to keep fans AWAY from this team.

    If he’s not telling us the Mets will be the team to beat in 2014, we have to assume that’s because he can’t see the path from here to there any more clearly than we can.

    Separately, I must say, I don’t get all the hate directed at the Wilpons. I wish they’d sell the team too! They seem fairly incompetent. At the same time, they do seem to really care about the team, and not all owners can say that.

  16. hart December 6, 2011 at 12:37 am
    It’s not that the move is so terrible under the circumstances; it’s that the circumstances, themselves, are terrible. It is inexcusable that a New York team can lose a Jose Reyes because of money. This should be the final nail in the Wilponian coffin.
  17. wohjr December 6, 2011 at 1:05 pm
    The persons really to blame here are the Wilponzis. As such, however, I also have to put some blame on Irving Picard and Jed Rakoff… here’s why:

    I agree with comments above, a large part of the problem here is the Wilpons. I have been saying since the beginning of l’affair ponzi that Fred took a devastating financial hit as a result of being involved… This was of course stridently denied by ownership (I believe their story went from we made $$—>we got all our $$ back—>we lost $$ but only a little—>??) but those denials look pretty ridiculous now. Rakoff gets some blame because he’s managed to limit the liability of the Wilpons in recent court rulings to a sum that will not force them to sell. Its really the worst of all possible outcomes, actually– the Wilpons seriously financially compromised but somehow they avoid the finishing move that forces them to sell. They will limp on in this semi-broke state for years…

  18. Kranepool December 6, 2011 at 1:37 pm
    1. Giving Jose $106 million for 6 years is a bad bet. When he’s on the field AND at full speed, he may be the most exciting player in the game. But, from the ages of 26-28, he’s missed 126, 29 and 36 games with his chronic hamstring problems. And when he comes back from these, he is not at full strength (look at his 2nd half vs. 1st half performance last year). His lifetime OBP is typically in the .330 range, medicore for a leadoff guy. So, notwithstanding his wow factor, his value to a team is limited. Don’t get carried away by his career year (really, his career 3 months), look at the whole picutre of what he’ll bring to a team in ages 29-35.

    2. To say that Alderson has no “plan” ignores that he’s one year into a GM spot where he inherited a big “dead money” payroll (he did a great job unloading K-Rod’s salary and getting a stud prospect for Beltran), a shrinking budget due to shrinking team revenues and financially strapped owners, and few MLB-ready prospects.

    3. The only present plan can be the one he’s laid out: play Davis, Murphy, Duda, Tejada, Thole and see what they’ve got, wait the 2-3 years for the 4 top pitching prospects to come up and show what they’ve got, trim the dead fat from the payroll, and wait for next year’s free agent class which is sttornger than this year’s. What other realistic plan does anyone see?

    4. And, yes, no question: The vedry best thing that could happen to the Mets and its fans would be for Commissioner Bud to stop propping up his blow buddy and force the Wilpons to sell. Other than the fact that Fred is polite and affable, how is his financial situation and management of a key MLB franchise materially differetn than McCourt’s? They both squandered millions of dollars on personal vanity (houses for McCourt, Bernie’s Ponzi scheme for Fred), put hapless family members in positons of responsiblity (Jomies and the Idiot Son), and allowed the organization’s talent development base to wither away. The best thing Mets fans can do this year is to stay away from Citifield, drive attendance dwon under 2 million and hope that forces Bud’s hand.

    • Mike B December 6, 2011 at 3:17 pm
      The Marlins signing Jose Reyes wasnt a FA signing, it was a trade.

      The Marlins got a superstar ss in the prime of his career.

      The Mets in return will get the Marlins attendence from last year.

    • Joe December 6, 2011 at 3:21 pm
      Good comments and shows you can point out the ownership stinks and should be dealt with w/o the usual “Sandy is just a tool” comments etc.
  19. NormE December 6, 2011 at 2:28 pm