Were Mets Moves a Diversion?

OK, who out there is a conspiracy theorist?

Here’s the case: within hours of losing superstar shortstop Jose Reyes, Mets GM Sandy Alderson schedules a press conference to announce the signings of two ho-hum relievers and a similarly unexciting trade with the San Francisco Giants. Coincidence?

Telling reaction: when asked about Reyes’ departure, Alderson answers with a condescending reprimand reminding the journalist that the press conference is about the Mets’ trade of Angel Pagan and has nothing to do with Jose Reyes. A nice attempt to be cute, but glaringly defensive.

So what say you? Was this flurry of mediocre activity a knee-jerk reaction suggested by the Wilpon puppet-masters — who in previous years, made similar demands to Omar Minaya that led to the signings of Jason Bay and Francisco Rodriguez (for example)?

Or, is it possible that this was a well-planned splash by Alderson, who had these deals in place and ready to announce at “just the right time” to create a diversion from the inevitable Reyes news?

Or, do you not believe at all in such conspiracy theories, and believe instead that it was mere coincidence that the Mets had three separate player personnel announcements immediately after losing Reyes?

Separately, these moves would barely be a blip on the radar screen of the winter meetings. But clumped all together, it was enough to at least distract Mets fans for a moment from their frustration over the loss of Reyes. Or is that a silly idea?

BTW, it was also strangely ironic that an inane Mark Buehrle – to – the – Mets rumor sprang up just hours before the Marlins-Reyes press conference; was that planted by a “source” from the Mets front office?

Post your thoughts in the comments.

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