David Wright Out – But for How Long?

A day after learning that Ike Davis likely has Valley Fever, the Mets announced that David Wright is “out indefinitely” with discomfort in his rib cage.

Is anyone else concerned about this issue?

This pain in the rib cage is not necessarily an injury. On the surface, the news seems innocent. Right? But as a Mets fan, do you believe any physical problem can be innocent? Are you like me, and have been conditioned to expect the worst, and to wonder if the Mets are hiding something — or denying reality?

If so, you can’t be blamed. After all, the Mets have been less than honest with injuries in the recent past. Even before their dire financial issues became public, the Mets regularly misrepresented the true nature of player injuries, presumably to keep optimism high (and tickets selling), or flat-out misdiagnosed them.

A few examples, in case you forgot:

Jose Reyeshamstring
Carlos Beltran‘s knee
J.J. Putz‘s elbow
Ryan Church‘s concussion
Jason Bay‘s concussion
Johan Santana‘s elbow, and later, his shoulder.

After a while, we figured out that the Mets’ injury woes were not due to bad luck.

So forgive me if I have my doubts about David Wright’s rib cage discomfort being minor, or a simple “day to day” thing.

It’s entirely possible — and in fact I’m hopeful — that Wright’s issue is a mere blip that will be completely forgotten by next week. But there’s that seed of doubt in the back of my mind that I can’t seem to ignore — one that tempers my enthusiasm and suggests “hey, this could be a chronic, lingering problem that keeps David out of the lineup for MONTHS.”

The unfortunate plight of a Mets fan: we’ve reached the point where we’re incapable of optimism, even in spring training.

What’s your feeling? Is this rib cage discomfort a minor issue that will disappear quickly? Or are you like me, and have been trained to expect the worst? Answer in the comments.

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