Johan Santana Will Return To Minnesota

A few news updates to get you through your Monday, beginning with Johan Santana …

Assuming Johan can come back from his season-ending injury, he will return to Minnesota next April.

No, it won’t be as a member of the Twins — at least, not as of this juncture. Johan will presumably still be wearing the orange and blue when the Mets travel to Minnesota to play the Twins at Target Field for a three-game series from April 12-14. If Santana takes the mound, it will be his first appearance in Minnesota not as a Twin. Further, it’s the first interleague series and the first road series the Mets will play in 2013. The season begins in Flushing hosting the Padres, followed by the Marlins and Phillies.

Why will the Mets be playing the Twins so early in the season? It’s all part of Bud Selig’s gradual elimination of real baseball, to be replaced by the form practiced by the Adulterated League (you know, the one where a Designated Pinch Hitter bats for the pitcher throughout the ballgame). This elimination plan begins with interleague play occurring somewhere on the MLB schedule every day of the season in 2013, and will eventually culminate in 2020 with 50-man rosters and “baseball” teams consisting of two units — one for defense and one for offense, just like the NFL. No longer will fans have to watch powerless middle infielders poke outside pitches to the opposite field, or see awkward sluggers hidden in outfield corners lose fly balls in the sun. There will be plenty of room on every club for defensive specialists such as Mario Mendoza and Rey Ordonez, as well as cement-handed power hitters such as Dick Stuart and Adam Dunn. Rumor has it, MLB may even experiment with designated runners, so players who can’t hit or field, but have speed (Joey Gathright, Andres Torres, Herb Washington) will also be able to participate. Further, MLB will adopt the NHL’s practice of rendering the regular season worthless — not by a player strike, but by sending 25 teams to the postseason. The future is all about participation, and as long as you show up, you’re a winner! Yay!

OK, I made up that stuff about 2020. But I won’t be surprised if “baseball” evolves that way in my lifetime.

In other news, former Met Francisco Rodriguez has struck again – literally. This time, the King of Class manhandled the mother of his children. Beating seems a strange and inappropriate way to express love for family, doesn’t it? We can only hope there is some way his family can find a way to return that love similarly. Perhaps Frankie can go to a prison, where inmates can, on behalf of his family, deliver that love to him a daily basis. One can only hope …

Changing gears, it may be time to finally ditch that AM radio, because WFAN is moving to 101.9 FM. The switch will begin in November, though the station will broadcast on both bands for an undetermined length of time. My initial reaction has one serious question: what will Howie Rose sound like in stereo?

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