Baseball Season is Over for Me

As a Mets fan, the season ended a few weeks ago. As a baseball fan, I was still watching, and enjoying. The way teams play in the postseason is what baseball is all about, and what it should be about for the 162 games of the regular season. Somehow, though, it doesn’t always work out that way.

This year, the Wild Card games and divisional playoffs were exciting — how often does every series go the maximum number of games? Further, there were a number of underdogs and feel-good stories to follow.

Mainly I was pulling for the Orioles and Reds; the former because they had no business getting this far and the latter because, well, I’m not entirely sure; partly because of a longstanding man-crush for Joey Votto, partly for fascination for Aroldis Chapman, partly because they used to have a player with the last name of Janish, and partly because my nephew now lives in Cincinnati. My third-favorite team in the playoffs was the Nationals, mainly because of Davey Johnson, partly because I genuinely like most of the players, and also because I feel some kind of geographic / familiarity-based loyalty to the NL East.

(By the way, how did the O’s — who may have had a worse offense than the Mets and a no-name pitching staff — get so far? Is it all Buck Showalter? If so he should not only be named Manager of the Year, but they should name the award after him going forward.)

Now, however, the season is over, as there’s no one left for me to root for. I hate the Cardinals, hate the Giants, hate the Yankees, and don’t care one way or the other for the Tigers, so, there you go.

Did I mention I hate the Cardinals? I may hate them more than the Yankees. Truly. If it comes down to Yanks-Cards in the World Serious, I might be slightly less indifferent if the Yankees win.

If you pinned me down and asked me for my preferred WS matchup, based on the teams still competing, I’d go for Giants and Tigers. I MIGHT root for the Giants if only because they play actual baseball, whereas the Tigers play the commercialized, short-attention-span rendition in the Adulterated League that I despise fiercely.

But from this point forward, it’s complete indifference. Just thought I’d share.

How about you? Were you rooting for any teams that are now eliminated? Will you watch the NLCS and/or ALCS? Who are you rooting for now, and why? Post your notes in the comments.

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