Should Mets Wait for Greinke Before Signing Dickey?

As much as I prefer to see the Mets lock up R.A. Dickey for the foreseeable future as soon as possible, from a cold-hearted business perspective, it may behoove the Mets to wait until Zack Greinke signs before extending their knuckleballer. Why? Because there are several teams in play for Greinke’s services — most notably, the Angels, Dodgers, and Rangers. There are also rumors that the Blue Jays, Nationals, Orioles, Brewers, or Royals could be in the mix. The two LA teams and the Rangers, though, seem to be the frontrunners, and most desperate to sign the righthander. Only one of those three teams can add Greinke, leaving the other two empty-handed. And that’s where the Mets come in with R.A. Dickey — because whomever doesn’t get Greinke, will still be in the market for a front-end starting pitcher. The next-best starter on the free-agent market is Anibal Sanchez, who is pretty good, but not on the level of Greinke or Dickey.

Again, my preference is to see R.A. in a Mets uniform in 2013, but the unemotional business side of me thinks it might be best to wait and see what happens with Zack Greinke, and then get a true read of what Dickey’s value might be on the trade market.

What do you think? Is it worth the wait? Are there youngsters on any of those teams that you’d like to see come the Mets’ way in a deal for Dickey? Answer in the comments.

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