Is Shaun Marcum a Putz?


According to several reports, Shaun Marcum will not be making his Mets debut this Sunday, due to a neck problem and/or a shoulder issue.

Is it me, or is this situation eerily familiar?

During a winter a few years back, the Mets packed up a small army and sent it in two directions: Cleveland and Seattle. In return, the Mets received a fifth outfielder, a 12th reliever, and a lights-out closer named J.J. Putz. Putz had a long history of chronic elbow problems, yet the Mets did the deal anyway, sending away, among others, Jason Vargas, Ezequiel Carrera, Joe Smith, and Maikel Cleto.

Despite Putz’s elbow issues — the history of which could be found in a few minutes on Google — the Mets did not ask that Putz take a physical prior to the trade. As it turned out, Putz hurt his elbow again soon after Opening Day (perhaps before).

Fast-forward to late January 2013, and we see the Mets make their biggest free-agent splash of the winter by signing Shaun Marcum. Granted, they didn’t give up any future 14-game winners, 19-year-old fireballers, reliable middle relievers, or backup center fielders. And this time, they probably made Marcum pass a physical before handing him a contract. But there’s something about Marcum’s arrival, past injury history, and current status that harken back to Putz.

Like Putz, Marcum’s injuries through the years are no secret. He had Tommy John surgery in 2008, and missed a significant portion of 2012 due to “elbow tightness” — which is a precursor to a UCL tear. In between, he’s had a rash of shoulder issues — something he’s described as “shoulder stiffness” and treated annually with a preseason cortisone shot. His chronic arm problems were so worrisome to the Brewers that they didn’t bother making him an offer to re-sign with them, even though they otherwise liked having him on the team and were in need of a veteran starter. It wasn’t guesswork, though — the Brewers had some research suggesting Marcum was on the verge of breaking down again.

Surely, the Mets were aware of the injury history and the research. Yet they made him their most expensive free-agent acquisition of the winter, positioning him as one of the key figures in what was supposed to be a strong starting rotation. You need go back only a month or so to the blogs and beat writers’ columns to read about how Marcum was going to be a big part of replacing the innings lost by the trade of R.A. Dickey.

And here we are, three games into the 2013 season, and Shaun Marcum is on the DL with not one but two injuries — that “stiff shoulder” and a mysterious neck problem that required “trigger point injections.” If and when Marcum’s pain in the neck subsides is mostly irrelevant, because there is still the unresolved shoulder problem, as well as the possibility of elbow tightness creeping up at any moment.

And those shoulder and elbow ailments WILL reappear sooner rather than later, because — like Johan Santana — Marcum has a basic flaw in his pitching mechanics that puts undue stress on both joints. He hasn’t changed his mechanics at any point since the TJ surgery, so it’s doubtful he’ll change them now. Instead, he’ll likely get more shots, painkillers, etc., and “pitch through the pain” until something breaks. Which it will. Or perhaps it already has. And he hasn’t even thrown an official pitch for the Mets yet; I’m not even sure if he ever will.

Color me the pessimist, but, to me, Marcum is looking like a Putz.

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