Updates: LoDuca, Castillo, Duaner

According to the Daily News:

  • Luis Castillo has undergone knee surgery and should be 100% by January 1, 2008.
  • Duaner Sanchez will be pitching for the Gigantes in the Dominican, starting on December 1.
  • Moises Alou’s $7.5 million team option is expected to be picked up.
  • “The Mets are not expected to re-sign pending free agent Paul Lo Duca.”

From what we understand, Castillo’s surgery was minor — cleaning up scar tissue that caused him pain and affected his mobility. It would be nice to see what his “100%” looks like in a Mets uniform in 2008. He was one heckuva player while with the Marlins, and if he can get back to near that kind of performance — have a bit more speed and range than what we saw in 2007 — then he’s the ideal candidate for the Mets’ lineup.

Though, Metsgeek thinks Jeff Kent is the ideal choice (if you didn’t yet see Chris McCown’s evaluation of the 2B candidates, click on over there as it is a good read). From a completely statistical standpoint, I agree wholeheartedly with bringing Kent back to Flushing, for many reasons. From a realistic perspective, it’s not happening. Omar Minaya has very carefully chosen certain personalities for the clubhouse, and I’d be surprised if he added the controversial Kent to the mix. The guy can still hit — he batted .302 with 20 dingers this past season — but his previous dealings with the media and supposed irascibility are negatives from Minaya’s point of view. It doesn’t help that most fans and media have less than fond memories of Kent’s short stint in the orange and blue.

Speaking of strong personalities, I find it a little surprising that the Daily News would say that the Mets are “not expected to sign Paul LoDuca”. Is that coming from somewhere inside the Mets’ organization or is it pure conjecture? With Pudge Rodriguez off the market, Jorge Posada likely too expensive, and Jason Kendall probably staying away from NYC, there isn’t much to choose from in the free agent market. That said, wouldn’t the Mets be at least considering LoDuca as their 2008 backstop? Time will tell.

The Moises Alou notation is not news. The Duaner Sanchez report, however, is good news. Let’s hope he can get healthy and get his rear-end in shape by mid-February.

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