Mets Game 73: Loss To White Sox

White Sox 5 Mets 4

Another barn burner, but this time, the Mets find themselves on the wrong end.

Mets Game Notes

It was a thrilling game that kept spectators on the edge of their seats until the final blow by Alexei Ramirez. Which means, of course, that I missed watching the contest due to a work thing. Don’t interpret that as complaining, because I absolutely love my job, and the after-hours events are part of why. But it’s amazing to me that some of the best games to watch just happen to occur on the nights when I can’t be anywhere near a TV (or the ballpark). C’est la vie.

I did watch a few innings via Tivo prior to retiring for the evening, and came away with a few observations. First, US Cellular Field seems like a small park as seen through the lenses of TV cameras — which is an interesting phenomenon, since the dimensions are fairly expansive. I suppose it has something to do with the placement of the cameras and the way they are set up. Or maybe I’m crazy. Second, though one might say that the Mets just needed a break to win this game, I did see the first frame and they definitely caught a few fortunate breaks that helped them score twice. So, it all evens out. Third, Chris Sale‘s awkward pitching motion is painful to watch. It sort of reminds me of a cross between John Candelaria and Ross Baumgarten — and only people of a certain age will know what I’m talking about. Fourth, can Andrew Brown do anything other than hit home runs? Fifth, Zack Wheeler certainly has a live fastball, but needs to work on repeating his delivery when throwing non-fastballs, because he’s telegraphing secondary pitches. His slider and change-up look promising in terms of movement, but he’s very deliberate in delivering them — making it easy to lay off of them and sit on the fastball.

That’s all I have for now. I will be missing Wednesday night’s game as well, as — weather permitting — I’ll be sitting behind the dish playing for the Livingston, NJ Dodgers.

Next Mets Game

The second and final game of the series will begin at 8:10 p.m. on Wednesday night. Shaun Marcum goes to the mound against John Danks.

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