Glavine Update

According to The New York Daily News:

Tom Glavine’s agent has indicated the 303-game winner has resolved to pitch in ’08. Signs have pointed to Atlanta as Glavine’s most likely landing spot.

According to Braves GM David Wren, as quoted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“We think adding Tommy would clearly make our rotation better,” general manager Frank Wren said by phone from baseball’s GM meetings in Orlando.

In addition, Glavine and Livan Hernandez supposedly have interest in joining the Washington Nationals. (WHY???) Unfortunately for the Nats, they can only afford to sign one of them. Apparently they don’t expect much revenue to be flowing from that brand new ballpark.

So it appears that Mr. Tom-Tom’s days in NYC are all but over. I think the Mets can spend that $13M much more wisely elsewhere.

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  1. Micalpalyn November 7, 2007 at 10:23 am
    1. Luis Castillo and Glavine will net 1st rounders if they walk (?) and LoDuca a supplemental- in any case a set of high draft picks. But i wonder if Atl procrastinates to see if the Mets decline to offer Tommy arbitration…(I cant keep up with this situation).

    2. Metsblog has attached Cliff Lee as a potential target. And has now waded in with essentially my perspective on the possibility of acquiring AJ Burnett.

    3. If the Mets pick up innings (Silva..) i think AJ is a realistic target.

    4. Also there is a link to a great story on Phil Humber. I was soundly panned last yr when i said he was a better pitching prospect than Humber based on his curve. I think once he gets his strength back & lewarns to pitch he could at least be Bobby J. Jones.

  2. joe November 7, 2007 at 10:32 am
    1. Only Glavine nets a first-rounder. The list is here:

    2. Cliff Lee is a typical low risk/high reward guy that Omar likes to target. I can see him coming cheap, and think it’s a good idea. While I agree with both you and MetsBlog that it would be wonderful to see AJ Burnett return to the Mets organization, I’m still having a hard time seeing a match between the Mets and Jays.

    3. I have a really bad feeling the Mets are going to overpay to get AJ or Harden, and he will pitch in only 9 games all year due to injuries.

    4. Who panned you? Not here, right? I’ve always been high on Humber. BTW the scout in that same story sees Pelfrey as a reliever. Now where have we heard that idea before? Hmm … maybe HERE, about six months ago? Sheesh.

  3. isuzudude November 7, 2007 at 11:37 am
    I agree with your take on Burnett, Joe. Everyone here would love to see Burnett pitch in ’08 with the Mets (as long as he’s healthy). But there’s more than meets the eye when considering if AJ is a good fit on the team:

    1. First and foremost, his health. With Pedro enough of an injury concern leading into next season, we don’t need any more arms who may not be able to contribute more than 140 innings next season.

    2. His contract. At $12-mil, he’s a very expensive investment considering he has an option in his contract to become a free agent after 2008. Say we give up Pelfrey and Gomez to get him, he manages just 16 starts and misses the postseason, and then opts out of his contract and signs with a different team. The risk factor far outweighs the reward factor here.

    3. If Silva is signed, that leaves the Mets with the projected rotation of Pedro, Perez, Maine, El Duque, and Silva. That’s 5 legit starts right there. Unless the Mets are 100% sold that Hernandez is best served in the pen (which I’m not), the acquisition of Burnett is unnecessary. Can’t we project that El Duque can have as similar a season (win-wise and innings pitched-wise) as Burnett? So why acquire Burnett and give up prospects and spend unneccesary dollars when Duque can put up the same results?

    4. Like Joe’s been saying, there’s likely no one in the Mets system the Blue Jays are interested in obtaining in a Burnett trade. Just because the Mets are looking for starting pitching and Toronto is entertaining offers for Burnett doesn’t automatically mean the Mets and Jays match up.

    BTW – if the Mets acquire Lee, it won’t be the first time he’s been in a trade that Omar has orchestrated. Back in 2002, when he was GM of Montreal, Omar traded Lee, Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips, and Lee Stevens to Cleveland for Bartolo Colon and Tim Drew. Interesting how Omar possibly has the choice this offseason of obtaining Colon or Lee, or possibly both. My take is Montreal got raped in that deal, with Omar perhaps having a bone to pick with Lee, and that will probably cause him to shy away from him once again this winter, especially seeing how much Lee has struggled over the last couple seasons. That having been said, as long as it doesn’t cost the Mets a prospect of any particular value, I suppose I wouldn’t mind having Lee try to resurrect his career in Queens and fight for the 5th starter’s spot.

  4. Micalpalyn November 7, 2007 at 12:11 pm
    Great discussion guys. But before we get too far along it is just that a discussion.

    1. I refer back to the metsblog post (which echoes u Isu),

    Omar Minaya, talking to reporters yesterday from Orlando…

    “We’re always looking for a frontline starter, and that’s difficult to do…Teams aren’t willing to give them up unless you really blow them away and give them a lot of players

    So omar is looking for a frontline guy to replace glavine. I admit i have a kaz-esque bond because i followec AJ all the way thru the minors, then he was traded away. So I would really like him back.

    So to address point 3)- Silva signs: BUT I think El Duque is the 6th starter next yr. His age (65?) and his history of inoppurtune break downs logically says (to me) that he yields the best return as he was used in Chicago, coming in as a spot starter reliever. Also he is perfect insurance against a AJ breakdown. The thing that devalues AJ is his injury history, and his probable FA. A big plus is I see him as a big game pitcher and he will relish return to a contender (ala Josh Beckett). I dont see the contract as an obstacle- in fact if traded in the middle of a multi yr deal does not any player have the same option?

    4. match up: To paraphrase Andy MacPhail (in the beddard story) – its not simply matching up, but getting either quality OR quantity such that a GM feels he has enuff in return that something pans out. Look at the trade above. What did Cleveland get for Colon. Philips is a great player….for cincy (strikingly similar to LMillz), Lee has had good yrs but the gem there was Grady..who has blossomed this past 2 yrs.

    5. Given a (proposed) market with Santana, Kazmir(?), Beddard, Cain, Lowry, et al; AND the fact JP richarrdi has burnt the bridge with AJ he WOULD opt out if he is still with Toronto, I would throw an offer at the Jays. I think Gomez and another player (Muniz) might make a deal. Sure the Jays have young talent, but I think they would take Gomez. ….Just my view.