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Blog Roundup: Queen City Edition

Tonight, the Mets open a series in Cincinnati against the Red Legs and their mustachioed Mr. Met clone mascot.  The Reds quietly own the second-best record in baseball (behind only the Washington Nationals), and lead the NL Central by 5 games over the Pittsburgh Pirates.  So, the struggling Mets have their work cut out for them.  Maybe it’s time to break out the Underdog t-shirts and hope for the best.

On to the Blogs:

  • Kranepool wonders why the Wilpons won’t just level with us fans about their current situation.
  • Trash Talk Sports puts into words the frustration we Mets fans always feel around this time of year (NSFW Language).
  • Bleacher Report slide-shows some of the best things about being a Mets fan.
  • Metstradamus credits the late Gary Carter, who never cussed, for coming up with the ultimate F-Bomb.
  • Rant Sports believes the Mets will put Scott Hairston on waivers, and trade him sooner than later.
  • Daily Stache, meanwhile, wonders why the Mets haven’t traded Hairston yet.

Mets Today is staying put, so stay tuned for the continuing adventures of our beloved Mets.