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Mets Promote the Versatile Cory Sullivan

cory-sullivanAccording to several reports, the Mets have placed pitcher Fernando Nieve on the disabled list and promoted Buffalo outfielder Cory Sullivan. Sullivan will wear uniform #19 and should be available at some point during tonight’s contest vs. the Nationals.

Per Jerry Manuel, and posted on Bart Hubbach’s Twitter page, Sullivan was chosen over Nick Evans because Sullivan is “more versatile”.

For those unaware, the lefthanded-hitting Sullivan has played 253 MLB games in centerfield, 27 in left field, and 14 in right field. He is, essentially, redundant to Jeremy Reed. He is batting .290 with 2 HR and 16 doubles in 286 AAA at-bats this year, playing mostly in CF. To my knowledge, he has never played first base nor any other infield position (he is also a lefty thrower). But what does that matter? The Mets have Fernando Tatis, Jeremy Reed, and Livan Hernandez to back up Dan Murphy at 1B.


Mets Sign an Outfielder

The Mets’ front office is really cooking with gas now! Hot off the heels of the Casey Fossum pickup, the team has now added Cory Sullivan to their outfield, signing the 29-year-old to a $600,000 contract that includes another $300,000 in incentives.

Obviously I can’t contain my excitement … especially when this signing comes so close after the Fossum deal. The Bisons are starting to look like a real AAA team — one that might actually provide competent support during the year in the event of injuries to players on the big club’s 25-man roster.

It does seem strange, though, that the Mets would scoop up another light-hitting, good fielding, centerfielder who hits from the left side. Endy Chavez was surplus last year, and the Mets already have Angel Pagan and Jeremy Reed signed to guaranteed MLB contracts, not to mention Marlon Anderson. Oh, and there’s Jason Cooper and Rule 5 (minor league phase) pick Carl Loadenthal, and the imminent arrival of Fernando Martinez. Considering that neither Carlos Beltran nor Ryan Church will ever be taken out of games for defensive purposes, all these Endy types are overkill, no? You can only put in one player at a time to play left field, after all.

FYI, Sullivan’s career: 355 games, 927 ABs, 8 HR, 78 RBI, 25 SB, .279 AVG., .330 OBP, .391 SLG. He does have the reputation of being a very good fielder, though the sabermetrics don’t necessarily support it.

The only way this signing makes sense is if it is a small part of something bigger brewing. For example, maybe the Mets are about to ship Ryan Church and Daniel Murphy to Colorado for Aaron Cook or Jeff Francis, and will then sign Adam Dunn and Manny Ramirez to play the corners — both of whom WOULD require late-inning defensive replacements. Pipe dream, I know, but dreams are about all we Mets have left at this point in the Hot Stove season.