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Left Field Foul Pole and Restaurant

citi field left field foul pole

Here is a shot of the left field foul pole, which is Mets orange and stands in front of the “Left Field Restaurant”, a dining experience that features a clear glass view of the ballgame. The restaurant is located on the “Exelsior Club Level”, which doesn’t sound too highfalutin, does it?

According to Mets.com, the Left Field Restaurant is “climate controlled” and features “quintessentially American cuisine”. It is open to ticketholders in the following categories: the Ebbets Club Gold, Sterling Club Platinum and Gold, Exelsior Club Platinum and Gold, all Metropolitan Boxes, and all Field Box seats.

In case you were wondering, most of the Field Boxes are sold out to season-ticket holders, though it is possible to obtain seats to some games for as little as for $75 a pop. The Metropolitan Boxes are similarly unavailable, and start at $95 for Thursday afternoon games against the Nationals. If those seats sound out of your range, don’t bother checking into the Exelsior, Sterling, and Ebbets category levels.

Here’s a closer view for those who, like me, will be on the outside looking in:

citi field left field restaurant


Behind Home Plate


If you are a longtime MetsToday reader then you probably know I’m a catcher, and as such I think the seats behind home plate are the best in the house — any house.

Of course, in many stadiums, they’re also the most expensive seats, and rarely if ever available to the average joe (pardon the pun).

As you can see from the above picture, and the ones below, those seats are off-limits even when the stadium is hosting a college game on a cold wet day at the end of March.


All those beautiful seats, empty … sigh …

Those seats are for the corporate sponsor VIPs, cousins of the Wilpons, and other richie riches who have the dough to lay out for a Delta Club Platinum season ticket (almost $41,000, at an average price of about $500 per seat per game).

Which is fine, that’s the way it works, and so what we commoners do to see the game from that vantage point is sneak a peek at a few pitches through the opening above those seats, which is usually opposite a concessions stand. Just one problem: that opening doesn’t exist. In the way is the exclusive Ebbets Club. But hey, you can get into there for a measly $200, and watch the game while sipping a Grey Goose martini. Fabulous!

home plate Ebbets Club seats citi field

Just above the Ebbets Club are more seats which look to be attached to luxury boxes, so no chance of sneaking a peek there, either.

citi field luxury boxes behind home plate

Just above the luxury boxes look to be a bunch of seats — though I have no idea about availability — and then what looks like the press box. It also looks like the TV cameras will be up there as well as the broadcast booths.


press box and broadcast booths at citi field

But, it does like there are seats for the common man above the press box, and I imagine you’d be able to sneak a peek from up there. So, although you can’t get a look at a Major League curveball from BEHIND home plate, you can kind of get an idea of what one might look like from a spot about 200 feet ABOVE home plate. We’ll take what we can get, us poor folk.