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Figgy Up Niese Down Delgado Unknown

Some quick news bites for the New York Mets …

Jonathan Niese has been optioned back down to AAA Buffalo after a tough 4-inning start against the Braves.

Nelson Figueroa replaces Niese on the 25-man roster, and, presumably, in the starting rotation.

Carlos Delgado is traveling cross-country with a bad hip. Delgado and the team will decide once they get to California whether or not he’ll be put on the disabled list. The thinking behind this? Just curious.

No word on whether the Mets can legally perform a labotomy on Jose Reyes to treat his recent baserunning idiocy, difficulty with routine grounders, and lack of hustle. Shock therapy may be an alternative.

According to Binghamton manager Mako Oliveras, the Mets brass called him and told him not to start Michael Antonini yesterday. That usually means one of four things: he’s going to be promoted, demoted, traded, or disciplined for comments posted on his Facebook page. My guess is he’ll be promoted to Buffalo to make Nelson Figueroa’s next start.

Javier Valentin has been added to the Buffalo Bisons roster. His brother Jose is no longer in the organization (and neither is Livan Hernandez’s brother Orlando, nor Sandy Alomar’s brother Roberto).

Speaking of former Mets, anyone heard hide or hair of Marlon Anderson?