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Brooklyn Cyclones Announce Preliminary Roster

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The Brooklyn Cyclones begin their season on Friday night against the Staten Island Yankees. The Cyclones have announced their preliminary roster. Presumably, Cyclones manager Wally Backman will make a few roster moves before the season begins.


#  	Name  		POS  	Bats  	Throws
7	CENTENO, Juan 	C 	L 	R
13	FREEMAN, Taylor C 	L 	R 

Infielders »
# 	Name 			POS 	Bats 	Throws
3	SANDOVAL, Rylan 	SS 	R 	R
12	SCHROEDER, James 	3B 	R 	R
22	BROWN, J.B. 		2B 	L 	R
25	BONFE, Joe 		3B 	R 	R
29	BUTLER, Jet 		SS 	S 	R
32	FLAGG, Jeff 		1B 	R 	R 

Outfielders »
# 	Name 			POS 	Bats 	Throws
10	CECILIANI, Darrell 	OF 	L 	L
11	CHERRY, Will 		OF 	R 	R
17	HOLLIDAY, Cody 		OF 	L 	L
21	HARRIS, R.J. 		OF 	L 	L
27	VAUGHN, Cory 		OF 	R 	R
44	STEINHAUER, Kurt 	OF 	R 	R 

Pitchers »
# 	Name 			POS 	Bats 	Throws
2	WRENN, Wes 		P 	R 	R
5	HILLIARD, Chris 	P 	L 	L
18	CUAN, Angel 		P 	L 	L
20	PINERA, A.J. 		P 	R 	R
23	BENNETT, Hamilton 	P 	R 	L
28	LEDUC, Guillaume 	P 	R 	R
31	NEEDHAM, Brian 		P 	R 	R
33	KOUNTIS, Jonathan 	P 	R 	R
35	CARNEVALE, Hunter 	P 		R
39	SHEPPARD, Chad 		P 	R 	R
43	FRASER, Ryan 		P 	R 	R
45	MARTINEZ, Pedro 	P 	P 	R
46	ALMONTE, Yohan 		P 	R 	R
47	HOUCK, Mitch 		P 	L 	L
49	PEREIRA, Nelson 	P 	L 	L