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Link Roundup: Frank Frank’s Elbow and the Bourn Reaction

The Mets couldn't elbow their way in on Michael Bourn.

The Mets couldn’t elbow their way in on Michael Bourn.

Michael Bourn is an Indian, the Mets still have their 11th overall pick, and Mets fans are reacting.  Many are unhappy that Alderson didn’t sacrifice the pick to make a move that would have signaled New York’s return to the baseball business.  Besides, the only decent player to come out of the 11th overall spot of the Rule 4 draft has been Greg Luzinski (.840 career OPS), so sayeth Deadspin.

But wait a minute – according to this list, players like Andrew McCutchen, Shane Mack, Walt Weiss, and Max Scherzer were once drafted 11th overall.  Last time I checked, these were pretty good ballplayers.  So it’s not like the Mets are automatically going to draft the next Kaz Matsui, right?  Doesn’t picking 11th mean you’re picking the 11th best available amateur ballplayer int he country?

My point is, there’s no guarantee that that slot will be a total black hole, just as there’s no guarantee that it will produce a superstar.

In any event, Bourn clearly would have been an upgrade, but he still wouldn’t have made the Mets better than the Nats and Braves.  Sour grapes?  Maybe.  But the fact remains.

OK, this was supposed to be a link roundup, so here’s more reaction from Twitter.

Now that Bourn is off the market, does that mean the Drew Stubbs watch is on?

In other news, Frank Francisco has been shut down due to elbow inflamation.  How will we ever replace that 5.53 ERA??

Johan Santana spoke to the media this morning in Port St. Lucie and gave his thoughts on R.A. Dickey and whether he has any regrets about the 134-pitch no-hitter.

Finally, Mike Piazza apparently didn’t talk to the media after his book signing, which left the poor little buggers feeling snubbed.