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Link Roundup: Frank Frank’s Elbow and the Bourn Reaction

The Mets couldn't elbow their way in on Michael Bourn.

The Mets couldn’t elbow their way in on Michael Bourn.

Michael Bourn is an Indian, the Mets still have their 11th overall pick, and Mets fans are reacting.  Many are unhappy that Alderson didn’t sacrifice the pick to make a move that would have signaled New York’s return to the baseball business.  Besides, the only decent player to come out of the 11th overall spot of the Rule 4 draft has been Greg Luzinski (.840 career OPS), so sayeth Deadspin.

But wait a minute – according to this list, players like Andrew McCutchen, Shane Mack, Walt Weiss, and Max Scherzer were once drafted 11th overall.  Last time I checked, these were pretty good ballplayers.  So it’s not like the Mets are automatically going to draft the next Kaz Matsui, right?  Doesn’t picking 11th mean you’re picking the 11th best available amateur ballplayer int he country?

My point is, there’s no guarantee that that slot will be a total black hole, just as there’s no guarantee that it will produce a superstar.

In any event, Bourn clearly would have been an upgrade, but he still wouldn’t have made the Mets better than the Nats and Braves.  Sour grapes?  Maybe.  But the fact remains.

OK, this was supposed to be a link roundup, so here’s more reaction from Twitter.

Now that Bourn is off the market, does that mean the Drew Stubbs watch is on?

In other news, Frank Francisco has been shut down due to elbow inflamation.  How will we ever replace that 5.53 ERA??

Johan Santana spoke to the media this morning in Port St. Lucie and gave his thoughts on R.A. Dickey and whether he has any regrets about the 134-pitch no-hitter.

Finally, Mike Piazza apparently didn’t talk to the media after his book signing, which left the poor little buggers feeling snubbed.


Link Roundup: The Latest on Bourn, Other Activity


According to a tweet by former GM Jim Bowden, if the Mets were able to sign Michael Bournit is “likely” the Mets would be able to retain their first round pick.

Bowden is now an analyst for ESPN and SiriusXM.

If true, this would eliminate one huge roadblock between the Mets and Bourn.  The remaining roadblocks would be the length and value of the contract.  According to Bowden, who has been a veritable font of knowledge today, Bourn and his camp are looking for $14-15 million per year.  The Mets, at this point, are not willing to pay that much, nor are they willing to give him the five years he’s looking for.  They’d love a three-year deal, but might settle for four.

The Mets rounded out their bullpen by signing veteran Brandon Lyon.  Lyon is 33, and enjoyed a fine 2012 with Houston and Toronto.  Combined, he appeared in 67 games, posted a 3.10 ERA, and had the highest SO/9 ratio of his eleven-year career (9.3).

Jon Rauch won’t be joining Lyon in the ‘pen for the Mets this year, but he will remain in the NL East.

The Mets also signed OF Corey Patterson.  Remember him?  Does “15-2” and “Tom Glavine” ring a bell?

And Terry Collins is planning to start Johan Santana on Opening Day.  I’m sure a lot of that is contingent on how he pitches in the Pre-Season.

Finally, GM Sandy Alderson answered questions from fans on Twitter, and as always, Mets tweeps took it very seriously.


Wright: Bourn, Can We Buy You?


The Official Unofficial Captain.

The Official Unofficial Captain.

David Wright joined the Mets push to acquire Michael Bourn on Monday.

While the Mets engage in draft jujitsu with Major League Baseball over their eleventh round draft pick, and play a game of cat and mouse with Scott Boras, Wright contacted Bourn personally to lobby the center fielder to come to Flushing.

Wright talked, and exchanged text messages with, the speedy center fielder in an effort to sell him on the Mets.

“I just wanted to let him know that he would be a great addition here and he’d obviously be welcomed here,’’ Wright said after his first early workout at Port St. Lucie.

“I talked to him a couple weeks ago, and I told him, ‘You’re always in the right place at the right time, your work counts,’’’ Wright said. “I’ve always had great respect for him and the way he plays the game and have always kind of chatted with him when he gets to third base.”


Link Roundup: Bourn and Marcum

Bourn would bring much needed speed to Flushing.

Bourn would bring much needed speed to Flushing.

Sandy Alderson and the Mets are playing a little chess to try to sign center fielder Michael Bourn.

If the Mets sign Bourn, they’d have to surrender their first round pick, eleventh overall, in the upcoming draft.  Giving up on the 11th best player in the amateur draft is a non-option for a rebuilding team.  To compound the loss, they’d also have to give up their slot money.  But there may be a loophole.  The Pirates couldn’t sign the player they drafted last year, meaning they get the ninth pick overall, even though they had a better record than New York.  Alderson and the Mets are lobbying the league to only give up their second round pick, since technically, they had the tenth worst record in baseball last year.

The players union is behind this request, but the league seems staunchly against it.  In an appearance on MLB Network this morning, Ken Rosenthal said the league’s stance is that the Mets knew the rules when they approved the CBA.

Could the Mets even afford Bourn?  Perhaps on a backloaded deal.  According to Jon Heyman, Bourn and his agent, Scott Boras, are looking for a 5-year deal at $15 million per.  It remains to be seen, but the Mets clearly aren’t going to pull the trigger on this one unless the circumstances are perfect.

The team pulled the trigger on Shaun Marcum, though.  The 30 year-old right-hander made only 3 appearances last year following elbow surgery.  He has a lifetime 3.76 ERA and 1.22 WHIP, and was an underrated member of the Blue Jays rotation before his elbow issues.  It’s a low-risk high-reward move for New York.

In all, the Sandy and his Nerd Herd appear mostly focused on building from the bottom-up.

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